Automatic Fresh Pineapple Juice Production Line 650L/h


The pineapple production line is to process fresh pineapple into clear and turbid juice, with a juice yield of 50-75% and an hourly output of 650L.

Technical parameter

Ingredients: fresh pineapple
Product: Pure pineapple juice
Capacity: 5000L/8H
Concentrated juice solid content: 6072Brix
Finished product packaging: aseptic big bag/roof bag/Tetra Pak/PET bottle
Customer process: peeling, juicing, sterilization, filling
Filling requirements: glass bottle filling height 200mm, diameter 54mm, lid diameter 40mm


Process flow of pineapple juice production line:

Pineapple → Washing → Peeling → Slicing → Juicing → Filtering → Blending → Homogenization → Degassing → Sterilization → Filling → Sealing → Cooling → Coding → Finished Product.


Picking belt: raw material selection requires no rotten fruit, no disease and insect pests, and the maturity is 8-10%.

Cleaning machine: Use a bubble cleaning machine to remove contaminants on the peel surface.

Cutting end peeling machine: Because the peel contains more proteases and tannins, improper handling will affect the quality of the product, so the peel must be removed by manual operation

Slicer: Cut the pineapple into slices for later use, which can increase the juice yield;

Juice extractor machine: Cut the peeled pineapple into pieces and send it to the screw juicer to squeeze the juice. Add a small amount of water and mix well with the pomace after the first squeezing, and then squeeze it again to increase the juice yield.

Belt type juice press machine: squeezes the pomace after squeezing the juice to improve the juice yield;

Butterfly separator: used for the separation of pineapple juice clear liquid and turbid liquid;

Sterilization: The juice sterilization uses instantaneous sterilization, and the equipment uses a heat exchanger. The general conditions are about 93°C and kept for 20s.

Filling machine: Fill the processed pineapple juice in a sterile vat, which is convenient for transportation and has a long shelf life.


Features of pineapple juice production line:

* Can handle fruits with similar characteristics.
* Use belt juicer to improve the efficiency and yield of pineapple juice
* Low-temperature vacuum concentration, maximum retention of flavors and nutrients, and energy saving
*Aseptic tube sterilization and aseptic vat filling to produce high-quality aseptic juice products
* Fully automatic CIP cleaning to ensure the food hygiene and safety requirements of the whole line equipment.

Pineapple Juice Production  Profits:

1. It can be formulated into pineapple juice;
2. It can be blended with beer into pineapple beer;
3. Collect the peeled pineapple peels and dry them to make Chinese medicinal materials, which have detoxification and cough relieving effects;
4. The residue produced after pineapple pressing can be used as feed after drying;


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