Industrial Belt Type Juicing Machine High Juice Yield


This industrial belt type juicing machine is carefully developed by our company to digest and absorb the foreign advanced belt filter press. It has the characteristics of energy saving, automatic feeding and discharging, continuous work, sufficient filter press, and low water content of the filter cake.

belt juicing machine

It is widely used in fruit and vegetable juice extraction, Environmental protection process. Belt Type Juicing Machine High Output Juice Yield is used for squeezing apple juice, with a juice yield of over 80%, which is 35% higher than other original domestic models.

Belt Type Juicing Machine Structura And Working Principle

The industrial belt type juicing machine consists of a frame, upper and lower drive shafts, deceleration drive assembly, press roller assembly, filter belt, cleaning belt assembly, feed assembly, tensioning device, belt correction assembly, booster device, safety protection device, air pressure control component , Cleaning water filter device and other components.

industrial belt type juicing machine

The motor is controlled by the frequency converter to continuously change speed, which can realize continuous and stable constant power speed control. The filter press belt is woven by nylon filament warp and weft, which is acid and alkali resistant, in line with food hygiene, easy to juice, non-absorbent, and high strength.

Press roller: According to the logistics direction, the radius of the contact roller decreases and the curvature becomes larger. The L-shaped pressure roller has a unique and reasonable structure. Various pressure roller configurations include stainless steel rollers and rubber-lined rollers, and the size distribution is reasonable.

Tension of the filter press belt

The airbag is used for inflation and automatic tensioning, which is not only stable but also avoids overload, safe and reliable, and is equipped with a pressure relay, which can automatically and safely stop and realize the whole process automation.

Cleaning of filter press belt

It adopts spiral surface (curved) filter screen to automatically filter and discharge slag. It is equipped with high-pressure pump and spray device, which can easily clean the filter press belt while filtering, so that the machine has a good juice extraction effect and saves energy.

Industrial Belt Type Juicing Machine

Working principle of filter press belt

The refined raw materials (solid-liquid mixture) are continuously pumped into the hopper by the screw pump (the material occupying bandwidth can be adjusted), and the material is evenly distributed by the pressing roller. In the wedge-shaped area of ​​the downward curve, a large amount of water is slowly squeezed out to form a squeezable filter cake.

During squeezing, a pressing roller with an L-shaped bead presses out the water and ensures that the water quickly overflows from both sides. In the future, the diameter of the pressure roller decreases gradually, and the filter belt is S-shaped, which produces increasing surface pressure and shear force to ensure a good dehydration effect. In order to further increase the dehydration rate, an additional pressure roller that can generate linear pressure and peripheral pressure is added.

Here is the belt type working process feedback from our customer for your reference!!

The dewatered filter cake is scraped off by a wear-resistant scraper, and both filter belts are continuously flushed by high-pressure nozzles to ensure a continuous high-pressure effect. The spray washing water is automatically filtered, slag discharged and recycled through the arc-shaped filter screen through the return pump to save energy.

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