Small Scale Tomato Sauce Making Machine Commercial

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Commercial small tomato sauce making machine is suitable for grinding ketchup. Tomato vitamin C is very beneficial to the human body, but fresh tomatoes are difficult to preserve. Therefore, people use ketchup making machines to make fresh tomatoes into sauce and store them in cans. In this way, people can eat tomatoes regularly to achieve whitening and freckles, anti-cancer, and improve the body’s immunity.

tomato suace making machine
Tomato suace grinding machine

Small scale tomato sauce making process:

1.Select fresh tomatoes ,wash and dry the tomatoes;
2.Put the dried tomatoes in boiling water and scald them, remove the skins and chop them;
3.Cut the chopped tomatoes into the tomato sauce grinding machine;
4.In order to prevent the pectinase from layering the tomato juice,immediately put the filtered tomato juice into the jacketed pot to heat and concentrate

Here is our youtube video of the tomato sauce making process for your reference!!


1.This machine main parts material is 304 stailess steel.

2. The main working parts of this machine are stator and rotor, they are well processed.

3.Customer need to choose different material stators and rotors according to different purposes,it is easy to disassemble。

4.Customer can adjust the machine variables,customers can order appropriate variables from our unit according to the material processing conditions.

tomato suace making machine

Profit Analysis

According to our many years of industry experience, generally 3kg of fresh tomatoes can get 0.5kg of tomato sauce. According to the minimum tomato processing capacity of our equipment is 70kg per hour, working 8 hours a day, the equipment can process 560kg of tomatoes in one day, and finally 93kg of tomato sauce can be obtained. If you finally use a vertical packaging machine to pack the 93kg of tomato paste, you can get 9300 bags of tomato paste based on 10g per pack. Because of the different market conditions, the market price of ketchup in different countries is different, but you can estimate how much the least profit this equipment can bring to you!!It is very suitable for tomato farmers who want to start a new business , you only need less investment, you can get a steady stream of benefits! !


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