Automatic Aloe Vera Juice Extractor Processing Machine

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Aloe vera juice machine is a continuous operation for aloe vera extrusion liquid/juice. The equipment has high strength, high bearing pressure, not easy to block, non-slip, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, long service life, and extremely high Juice yield and dehydration rate.

aloe vera juice machine
aloe vera juice machine

Aloe Vera Juice Machine Advantages

High-power motor: solid copper wire has strong power;

Juice slag separation without clogging: simple, convenient and fast;

Fine filter screen: use a fine 0.6mm filter screen aperture, the juice is fine;

Efficient juice outlet pipe: food-grade juice outlet pipe, adjustable direction, safe and beautiful, convenient and efficient;

The crushing function does not need to be cut and pressed directly: stainless steel material, safe and smooth, and unloading smoothly;

Motor protective cover: stainless steel cover for motor and pulley, safe to use, waterproof and moisture-proof, prolonging service life;

aloe vera juicing machine
aloe vera juicing machine

Aloe Vera Extractor Parameter

Model GGJE-5
power 0.55KW
Capacity 0.5T/h
Screw diameter 135mm
size 1000*320*980mm

Aloe Vera Juice Making Machine Features

Smooth slag outlet
Made of stainless steel, the slag discharge channel is smooth and does not block;
Motor protective cover
The motor and belt have a stainless steel cover, which is safe to use;
Carefully selected materials
Use 304 food grade stainless steel material, all meet the standard, do not cut corners;

Here is our aloe vera washing and peeling machine testing in our factory for your reference:

In order to improve the aloe vera juice taste, before extracting the aloe vera,we suggests our customer to use this aloe vera peeling machine to peel the aloe vera skin. If you have any request of the aloe vera processing, welcome to contact us freely!!


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