Fully Automatic Coriander Chutney Processing Line


The coriander chutney production line is mainly suitable for the production of various seasoning sauces in small and medium-sized seasoning sauce factories. Post sterilization composition. In addition to being used for the processing and production of coriander chutney and replacing related equipment, the production line is also suitable for the processing and production of other sauces (such as chili sauce, tomato sauce, etc.), with high ductility.

coriander chutney processing line
coriander chutney processing line

The coriander chutney processing flow : fresh cilantro, corriander leaves–washing–crushing–making paste–cooking–filling–capping–labeling.

Here is the cliantro leaves chutney green chilis sauce processing line youtube vide ofro your reference:

Cliantro Leaves Chutney Processing Line Parameter



Coriander Washing Machine Coriander Chutney Making Machine Airtight mixing and cooling tank 1000L sterilization Unit Coriander Chutney Packing Machine
Model GGXQ5000 GG-180 GG-1000 GG-60C
Capacity 1T/h for tomato 800-1000Kg/h 1000L 1T per hour
Power/Voltage 5.5/1.5/2.2 Kw 18.5Kw 3kw/1.5kw 20Kw/380v 1KW/220V/380V
Weight 900 Kg 340Kg
Dimensions 5100*1400*1500 mm 830*490*1100mm 1600*1600*2200 (For one tank) 625*750*1550m
Fineness 100-200
Packing speed 25-60 bag / min
coriander chutney processing line details
coriander chutney processing line details

Coriander Chutney Production Line Advantages

▼Compact structure, small footprint;
▼The entire coriander chuteny is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel to ensure cleanliness during material processing;
▼The coriander chutney production line has strong versatility, and the production parameters can be adjusted according to the process of different sauces, and it is suitable for the processing of various sauces;
▼The coriander chutney processing line is simple in composition and can realize highly automated continuous production of various sauces, which can greatly improve production efficiency compared with traditional production;
▼With a high degree of flexibility, it is very convenient to adjust, add or replace process modules in the later stage, and it can easily achieve seamless switching between the production of various sauces;


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