French Fries Potato Chips Cutter Machine (Stainless Steel)


The automatic potato chips cutter machine can cuts potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, etc. into rectangular strips for use. It is easy for workers to operate, the thickness is adjustable, the crushing rate is low, the labor intensity is reduced, and the production volume is increased.

french fries cutter
French fries cutter

Potato Chips Slicer Application

This automatic potato chips cutter machine is suitable for cutting or slicing hard potato vegetables. It is an ideal processing equipment for making fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in the vegetable processing industry. It is also an ideal machine for processing French fries in the fast food industry.

French Fry Cutter Features

The potato chips cutter machine adopts the material guide groove on the rotating material plate to feed; the inclined distributed small knife, the arc-shaped oblique blade big knife is used for cutting. It has the characteristics of good noodle quality, high vegetable cutting efficiency, convenient operation and low energy consumption. The parts in contact with vegetables are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food processing machinery hygiene standards.

Cutter machine details in our factory


It is mainly contains a frame, a shell, a material dial, a cutter, a transmission part, and a discharge cover.

Potato Chips Cutter Machine Working principle

When working, put the potato materials into the hopper, and the material is guided by the pouring trough on the rotary dial to rotate along the shell wall. The cutting knife installed on the shell wall cuts the vegetables into strips, and the cut French fries come out the material cover comes out.

Complementary products: washing and peeling machine, frying machine, dehydration, deoiling machine, blanching machine, inflatable packaging machine, potato chips and french fries complete equipment (assembly line).


Model GG
Power 0.75kw
Weight 1 90KG
Voltage 380V-3/220V-3
Size 650*550*800mm
Capacity: 600KG/H



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