Automatic Cleaning In Place (CIP) In Food Processing Stainless Steel


The Cleaning in place (CIP) in food processing is commonly known as the in-situ cleaning system, which is widely used in the cleaning and purification of production equipment that require stricter sanitation levels in the beverage, dairy, juice, wine, and pharmaceutical industries. Including containers, pipes, pumps, filters, etc. and the entire production line, without manual disassembly or opening, within a predetermined time, the cleaning liquid at a fixed temperature is sprayed on the inner surface of the equipment through a closed pipeline. And to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Cleaning in place (CIP) in food processing is also called cleaning positioning or positioning cleaning. In-situ cleaning refers to the use of high-temperature, high-concentration cleaning liquid without disassembling or moving the device to exert a strong effect on the equipment and the method of cleaning the contact surface with food and requirements.


CIP online cleaning equipment refers to the equipment (tanks, pipes, pumps, filters, etc.) and the entire production line without manual disassembly or opening, within a predetermined time, the cleaning liquid at a fixed temperature is passed through the closed pipeline. The inner surface of the equipment is sprayed and circulated to achieve the purpose of cleaning, especially called CIP cleaning in place (cleaning in place).

A stable CIP online cleaning system is based on excellent design, including a complete set of technical systems for equipment, pipelines, operating procedures, cleaning agent formulations, automatic control and monitoring requirements.

Professionals determine the appropriate cleaning procedure according to the actual situation of the cleaning system, including the determination of cleaning conditions, cleaning agent selection, and recycling design. And record and print the key parameters and conditions (such as time, temperature, flow, conductivity) during the cleaning process, as the verification of the equipment cleaning process.

The CIP online cleaning system is one of the prerequisites of the sanitary standards in the production of medicines. It can eliminate cross-contamination of active ingredients and eliminate foreign insoluble particles. Reduce or eliminate the contamination of drugs by microorganisms and heat sources. The product has the characteristics of high degree of automation, easy operation and reasonable price.

One. CIP system features:

1. Compact design, easy installation, maintenance and debugging; pneumatic components and electrical components are all imported materials, stable and reliable performance, modular structure composed of functional blocks, can be divided into hands control, automatic selection, touch screen prompt operation, intuitive and easy to understand.
2. Remove drug residues, prevent microbial contamination, and avoid the impact between batches;
3. Meet GMP requirements and realize the verification of cleaning process;
4. It can rationalize the production plan and improve the production capacity;
5. Arrange the steps according to the procedure. Compared with hand washing, it can effectively prevent operation errors, improve cleaning efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save labor, and improve drug quality;
6. Reduce the cost of cleaning and consume less water, cleaning agent and steam;
7. It can increase the service life of machine parts;
8. Safe and reliable, the equipment does not need to be disassembled;

Two, CIP cleaning composition

CIP online cleaning system mainly includes single or multiple cleaning liquid storage tanks and pipes, distributors, booster pumps, return pumps, pneumatic control valves, acid-base metering pumps, plate heat exchangers, temperature controllers, conductivity detectors, Liquid level controller. It is composed of PLC touch screen and control cabinet.

Three, the working principle of clean in place

According to the setup program (program adjustable), the CIP cleaning system automatically configures the cleaning fluid, and completes the entire cleaning process of cleaning fluid delivery and return cycle cleaning, discharge, and recovery through the pneumatic control valve, booster pump, and return pump. Automatic online cleaning is achieved through the control system composed of conductivity, temperature controller, acid-base metering pump and PLC touch screen. It can detect and record the time, flow and conductivity of each cleaning program, and can be printed out. At the same time, it can ensure that the temperature and concentration of the cleaning solution are automatically constant during the corresponding cleaning process. The cleaning structure of the system has a conductivity meter automatic detection display.

Four, CIP system and cleaning procedures

Taking the beverage industry as an example, the cleaning procedures are as follows:

1. Washing for 3-5 minutes, normal temperature or hot water above 60°C; alkaline washing for 10-20 minutes, 1%- -2% solution. 60°C- -80°C; intermediate washing for 5-10 minutes , Clean water below 60°C; final wash 3-5 minutes with clean water.

2. Washing for 3-5 minutes, room temperature or hot water above 60°C; alkaline washing for 5-10 minutes, 1%- -2% solution, 60°C- -80°C, intermediate washing for 5 -10 minutes, Clean water below 60°C, sterilize for 10-20 minutes, hot water above 90°C.

The cleaning flow rate is actually the flow rate of the cleaning liquid during cleaning, thereby producing a certain mechanical effect, that is, improving the impact force by improving the turbulence of the fluid and achieving a certain cleaning effect.

Five, CIP cleaning equipment

CIP cleaning is now widely used in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries. It is mainly engaged in the cyclic cleaning of material and liquid equipment and pipelines. The entire cleaning process does not need to be disassembled and is closed. Improve cleaning efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save labor, improve drug quality: reduce water, cleaning agent and steam consumption.


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