Stainless Steel 1.5 Kw Sanitary Rotor Pump Food Grade


This sanitary rotor pump is a rotary positive displacement pump with high efficiency and long life. It is suitable for conveying temperature -30℃~+180℃, viscosity 30-1.0×105cSt, suspended liquid containing solid particles and medium with high requirements for corrosiveness and hygiene.

The parts inside the pump body that are in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel, and the pump speed can be changed according to the different physical characteristics of the medium.

The food grade sanitary rotor pump product uses two synchronously running rotors to rotate synchronously in opposite directions to change the volume of the pump, thereby forming a higher vacuum and discharge pressure.

Food Grade Sanitary Rotor Pump
Food Grade Sanitary Rotor Pump


(1) The conveying liquid is stable, without pulsation, small vibration and low noise.
(2) It has strong self-priming performance.
(3) Correct selection of parts and materials. It can transport a variety of corrosive media, and the use temperature can reach 200C.
(4) The rotation of the inner and outer rotors is the same. The wear is small and the service life is long.
(5) The sanitary rotor pump speed and the flow rate have a linear function relationship, and the speed can be changed appropriately to change the pump flow rate.
(6) Especially suitable for the transportation of high viscosity medium.

Sanitary Rotor Pump Parameters

Model Displacement L/r Speed r/min Flow m³/h Pressure  Mpa Power kw Suction pressure Mpa Viscosity range cp Inlet and outlet diameter mm
ZZB-0.5 0.04 10-720 0.5 0.1-1.2 0.25-1.5 0.08 1-1000000 DN15
ZZB-2 0.15 10-720 2 0.1-1.2 0.25-2.2 0.08 1-1000000 DN25
ZZB-5 0.32 10-500 5 0.1-1.2 0.37-3 0.08 1-1000000 DN40
ZZB-10 0.65 10-500 10 0.1-1.2 1.5-7.5 0.08 1-1000000 DN50
ZZB-15 1.1 10-500 15 0.1-1.2 2.2-11 0.08 1-1000000 DN65
ZZB-20 1.74 10-500 20 0.1-1.2 2.2-15 0.08 1-1000000 DN65


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