Industrial Ginger Juice Maker Machine For Fresh Ginger Shots


This ginger juice maker machine contains feed hopper, crushing device, front support, screw, filter screen, juicer, rear support, slag trough and other components.The crushing device can crush the ginger, this can improve the ginger juice yield greatly.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to diet therapy. There are endless ginger juice squeezers on the market, but they are mainly small desktops. We all know that the medicinal value of fresh ginger juice is extremely high, and the small desktop type can’t meet the requirements of industrial production. Therefore, the industrial ginger juice maker machine came into being.

ginger juice
Ginger juice

Ginger Juice Machine Working principle:

The main component of this ginger juice maker machine is the crushing device installed on the feed hopper. There are four groups of flying knives and a set of bottom knives on the rotor. The flying knives rotate around their axis in the fixed gap of the bottom knives, so that the ginger get the particle size 2- 5mm crushed, directly into the spiral juice extraction system to improve the ginger juice extraction effect.


ginger juice maker machine
Ginger juice maker machine

Ginger Juice Processing Machine Installation operation and maintenance

1. Horizontally Installing and fixing with anchor screws the ginger juice extractor machine.

2. Operation:
When the equipment is started, the indenter should be adjusted to maximize the annular gap, and then the gap will gradually decrease.
After reaching the technological requirements, use the brake to fix the position of the handwheel bearing seat.

3. Pay attention to uniform feed, not to enter the hopper with hard foreign objects to avoid damage to the screen.

4. Maintenance:
After each shift, washing with water and a brush to the filter.If you filter the juice with more fiber(such as ginger juice), it is necessary to wash the net once in a while depending on the production situation, and wash all the machines with hot water after pressing.

Here to know more details about the ginger juice extractor machine working process.

And if you want to produce the ginger juice large scale ,we also have ginger juice production line for your reference!!


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