Leafy Vegetable Lettuce Processing Plant

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The lettuce processing line can clean and sterilize fresh lettuce with mud and sand, drain, cut, and pack. It is suitable for the cleaning of leafy vegetables, whole fruits and vegetables or vegetables after cutting, shredding, cutting into sections, and dicing.The emergence of this production line has overturned the traditional vegetable consumer market. It has effectively shortened the processing time of fresh lettuce picked from the farm to the table, improved cooking efficiency, and has a bright future market prospects.

lettuce processing plant
lettuce processing plant

In the past, consumers would go to the vegetable market to buy lettuce or other leafy vegetables. The vegetables they bought often contained soil and impurities, which was inconvenient to handle, and they were worried about pesticide residues and other issues. In order to make vegetables more hygienic and healthier, in recent years, a new form of clean vegetables from the field to the table, clean and clean, has quietly emerged in the market.

lettuce washing machine
lettuce washing machine

Clean vegetables are other leafy vegetables such as lettuce that has been washed, picked, and cut. You can buy them and stir-fry them directly, and some can even be eaten directly. Unlike vegetables that are picked and sold or stored before being picked, the raw materials of clean vegetables are strictly cleaned before being sent to the cold storage to ensure that there are no pesticides or chemical residues on the surface of the lettuce. After cleaning, it is necessary to manually remove weeds and rotten pages, and finally clean it again, and cut into packaging.

lettuce packing machine
lettuce packing machine

The cleaning section is composed of a pre-cleaning and lifting section, a bubble cleaning section, a high-pressure spray sterilization section, a rotating cage removal cleaning section, and a secondary bubble spray cleaning section. After the pre-cleaning, the lettuce is washed with a detergent and then a disinfectant is added. After the solution disinfection area, there is a high-pressure spray to wash the disinfectant on the lettuce salad to reach the process of pre-cleaning, cleaning, disinfection, and cleaning.

The cutting section is composed of a vibrating water filter device, a hoist, and a vegetable cutter. A large amount of water droplets remain on the lettuce and other leafy vegetables that have been cleaned in the cleaning section, which requires vibrating water filtration and a multi-layer mesh belt air dryer for air drying. The air-dried lettuce and other leafy vegetables are transported to the feed opening of the vegetable cutter by a lifter for cutting.

packaged lettuce
packaged lettuce

The packaging section is composed of a bucket elevator and a multi-head weighing machine. The cut lettuce and other leafy vegetables are lifted by a bucket elevator. The packaging process is carried out by the multi-head weigher packaging machine.

salad washing machine details
salad washing machine details

Lettuce processing line Features

1 Reasonable structure: vortex and bubbles are combined for cleaning, the inside of the cleaning cylinder is semicircular, and it is easy to clean without dead corners; independent sieve plates are used, the equipment is used for a long time, some impurities will adhere to the inside of the tank, and a mesh screen is used under the tank. Board design. The sieve plate can be taken out for easy cleaning.

2 Improve the efficiency of the impurity removal device: the equipment adds a drum-type impurity removal device and a decontamination guide slot, and the effect of decontamination, decontamination, and cleaning of broken leaves is better, and the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is more humane and reasonable

3 The spray flushing is cleaner: a spray device is added to the equipment, and the tap water is sprayed after flushing.

4 Powerful air pump cleaning is cleaner: the equipment is equipped with a whirlpool air pump, the product is rolled in the water through the air pipe, and the continuous rolling enhances the cleaning effect

5 System circulation energy saving and environmental protection: the tank body is equipped with an overflow filter device, which filters the floating impurities and re-injects the tank body through the nozzle through the water pump to achieve the effect of saving circulation.

6 Water flow transportation to protect fruits and vegetables: Spiral mixed water flow cleans vegetable materials, extends the cleaning path, saves water sources, and materials flow out with water to reduce mechanical damage.

7 Complete supporting facilities: with vibration dewatering equipment, fast and efficient dehydration treatment can be realized, and no damage to vegetables while conveying

7. Wide application range: The vegetable processing production line is generally used for fruit and vegetable wholesalers, central kitchens, food processing plants and other enterprises, suitable for processing various leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, small green cabbage, Chinese cabbage, coriander, spinach, small rapeseed, water spinach, etc.

Here is our lettuce processing plant testing feedback from our customer for your reference!!!

Lettuce Processing Equipment Parameter

No. Equipment Name Parameters
1 Vertex Washing Machine Dimension:4000*1200*1700mm


2 Vibrating screen Screen size: 1-60m


3 Air Drying Machine Dimension: 2500*1200*1400mm
Power: 3.75kw
4 Lettuce cutting machine Dimension: 2000*1000*1000mm
Power: 2.25kw
5 Lettuce packing machine Dimension:3574×2066×2510mm


lettuce packaging
lettuce packaging

Advantages of lettuce processing line

▼The waste water recycling device is used for reuse, which reduces waste and saves costs.
▼It can effectively remove impurities and bacteria on the lettuce salad and improve the export standard of clean vegetables;
▼Equipped with a drain and air-drying device, it can quickly remove the residual water droplets after cleaning the surface of the lettuce, which is a good choice for the lettuce salad processing line;
▼If you need to cut, you can configure a professional vegetable cutting machine, which can realize the rapid cutting of lettuce and other leafy vegetables, and shorten the processing time of lettuce;
▼According to whether to cut, different lettuce packaging equipment can be configured to accurately measure and increase the added value of lettuce and other leafy vegetables;
▼Instead of heavy physical labor, labor costs are saved, and lettuce processing mechanization is realized;


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