300kg/h Small Scale Mango Pulp Processing Plant


We are professionals mango pulp machine manufacturers, we support the small scale mango pulp processing plant.The mango processing machine is new desinghed for the mango pulp business new starter with low price high profits!! So the mango pulp machine in pakistan is very popular in the mango processing market.

small scale mango pulp processing plant
small scale mango pulp processing plant

The mango pulp processing plant mainly include mango washing,dewatering,pulping,cooking, filling, hot water-bath pasteurizing.Each mango processing machine is conected with pipes and pumps.All of them build up the small scale mango pulp processing plant.Here is the mango pulp processing method details:

Mango washing machine

The mango washing machine using the bubble generating device, the mango can remove the bugs on the mango and the dust and bacteria on the surface while tumbling in the bubbles. The cleaned mango is equipped with an air-drying device during the lifting process, which can quickly air-dry the excess water on the surface of the mango while lifting. It saves time for the next process and improves the efficiency of mango processing.

Here is our mango washing machine testing in our factory for your reference!!

Mango pulp machine

The mango beating machine can realize fully automatic operation, replacing the complicated operation of employing workers to peel and core, and the work efficiency is dozens of times that of manual labor.

Mango fruit pulper interior design drawing

mango pulp extraction machine structure

  • The washed and de-watered mango enters the inlet of the mango pulping machine through the hoist. The rotation of the scraper and the existence of the lead angle make the mango move along the cylinder to the outlet end, and the movement trajectory is spiral.
  • When the mango is under centrifugal force When moving between the scraper and the screen, the centrifugal force crushes the mangoes, and the mango pulp and meat enter the next process through the screen holes.
  • In order to achieve the purpose of automatic separation, the slag hopper discharges the peel and seeds.

Mango Pulp Machine Youtube Working Process In Our Factory

Mango cooking machine

After getting the mango pulp, in order to extend the mango pulp shelf life, and some customers may need to add some seasonings to make the unique mango pulp flavor that is popular in the local market. We are equipped with a mango pulp jacketed pot. After the mango pulp is boiled at high temperature, it can not only play a role in sterilization, but also the added seasoning will be evenly stirred to obtain a thicker and more flavorful mango pulp.

mango pulp cooking pot
mango pulp cooking pot

Mango pulp filling machine

In order to facilitate the sale, we usually carry out simple packaging after we get the mango sauce. We are using a semi-automatic desktop liquid filling machine has reasonable structure, compact model, reliable performance, accurate quantification and convenient operation.

The power part adopts pneumatic structure, and the material contact part is made of 316L stainless steel.

The filling can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of the model according to user needs The volume and filling speed are high, the filling machine is high, and the filling valve adopts anti-drip and lifting filling device.

mango pulp filling machine
mango pulp filling machine

Packaged mango pulp hot water-bath pasteurizing

The packed mango pulp needs to be blanched and sterilized in hot water. Kill the bacteria produced when the packaging bag is sealed. The shelf life of the blanched and sterilized mango pulp can reach 6 months, which is convenient for sale.

This small scale mango pulp processing machine price is low is the most suitable type for small scale mango farmers to start the mango pulp new business.Also we have large mango pulp processing plant, and we can customized the whole line according to your specifci request,any questions of the mango processing,welcome to contact us freely!


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