Automatic Date Palm Fruit Sorting Machine Orbital Type


The date palm fruit sorting machine with food-grade silicone material, which has strong toughness, wear resistance and is not easy to break. During the sorting process, they will not easily damage the dates.In addition, the equipment has fast sorting speed, very high work efficiency, and saves time and effort.


Working principle:

Date palm has a high added value, so accurate sorting is very important.Pour the date palm fruit into the hopper of the elevator and transport it to the top of the silica gel belt. The appropriate apertures from small to large are dropped into the receiving tank and discharged from the pouring port to complete the uniform separation of various sizes and specifications. The grading aperture can be adjust.

The date palm fruit sorting machine contains three parts: lifting part, silicone belt and frame. The machine is mainly contains a combination of tensile, tear-resistant, and anti-aging silicone materials. The principle containsthe concept of a bell mouth type that gradually grows from small to large. At the same time, there is a stopper bar on the top, so that the dates placed horizontally on the silicone belt are turned into a forward direction, so that the grading effect is more accurate and the ideal effect is achieved.



This date palm fruit sorting machine is not only suitable for sorting dates, but also for sorting round and oval fruits and vegetables such as jujube, walnut, hawthorn, sand fruit, mushroom, asparagus, etc.


1. It classify the date palm according to the size of its shape.

2.Through the walking of the silica gel belt, the fruit will fall into the receiving trough with a proper aperture,then come out from the guide port.

3. It adopts bell-mouth classification to standardize the spacing of the classification holes.

5. The exquisite silicone material is round and smooth and does not damage the material,it can direct contact with the date palm.

6. The overall use of high-quality stainless steel materials, safety and health.

Date Palm Fruit Sorting Machine Parameter




Weight : 150kg

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