Small Scale Dates Processing Plants For Date Paste Production


The dates processing plants is suitable for oblong fruits such as date palm, gray date, beach date, golden silk date, horse tooth date, Gansu date, Korean date, olive and so on.

Date palm has medicinal values ​​such as replenishing qi, relieving cough, relieving phlegm and relieving asthma, moistening the intestines and laxative, and helping digestion. Therefore, date palm is a very popular fruit. In order to better preserve and expand the use of dates in the food processing industry, more and more people make date palms into date paste.


The dates processing plants mainly includes cleaning and impurity removal, air-drying, sorting, core removal, dicing, refining, packaging and other processes.

How To Make Date Paste?

1. We pour the dates into the bubble washing machine for cleaning
2. The cleaned dates go through the impurity cleaner to remove impurities such as branches and leaves in the raw materials.
3. The dates that have been removed enter the air-knife air-drying conveyor belt for air-drying treatment.
4. The air-dried dates enter the size classifier for classification.

Here is our youtube video of the dates washing drying and sorting working process for your reference!!

5. After removing the dates that do not meet the requirements, the qualified dates are sorted into the pitting machine for date pitting.
6. Enter the pitted dates into the dicing machine, and cut the dates into diced dates for use.
7. Pour the diced dates into the sauce grinder and grind. You can also add seasonings and coconut oil as needed.
8. Pack the final date pasteas your request bottle or bag ect.

The resulting date paste can be used to make date palm bread, make date palm biscuits, make date palm rice paste and so on.

Date palm is really a treasure. In addition to the above-mentioned date palm pulp processing, the date palm can also suitable for make tea, and with our drying equipment and milling equipment, it can also application for grind the date palm into powder, also has very high medicinal value.

What do you need to do with your dates? According to your needs, we can provide dates processing plants turnkey projects! !


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