Roller Type Pomegranate Grading Machine For Round Fruit Sorting


The pomegranate grading machine uses different round holes on multiple drums to classify round fruits. The machine is novel in structure and advanced in design, suitable for grading various round fruits. Such as pomegranate,apples, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, etc.

Round fruit roller classifier
Round fruit roller classifier

Working principle

The machine enters the machine by manual feeding or hoisting. The grading drums with different sizes of circular holes are arranged on the drum tray from the feeding port (the grading drum with small holes is at the feeding port and the back is The size of the holes on the drum, arranged from small to large).

After the transmission reducer drives the dial roller through the chain drive, the roller tray is driven by the chain to rotate the roller; when the pomegranate enters the grading machine, the small pomegranate will fall into and out of the hopper through the round hole on the drum;

The one-point pomegranate will roll down to the next drum with a larger hole under the rotation of the previous drum for grading and discharging.

In order to prevent the round fruit is stuck in the round hole of the drum during the grading process.
Inside the drum we have a material shifting roller to push the jammed pomegranate out of the drum,and under the action of the material shifting shaft.
So cthe pomegranate is quickly go to the next grading roller.

Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance

1. The machine must be placed on a level concrete floor to be upright to the level, and the power supply of the transmission reducer can be used for continuous production.
2. If you need to classify fruits of different sizes, you can change the grading roller to achieve different grading effects.
3. Cut off the power when shutting down, and rinse the inside and outside of the whole machine to keep it clean.
4. The lubricating oil of the stepless governor must be changed regularly, and the dirty oil must be drained when changing.
5. Regularly refuel the bearing parts.


1. Do not shock when feeding;

2. It is strictly forbidden to enter the machine with hard foreign objects such as nails and stones.


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