Industrial Cucumber Cleaning Machine For Pickle Cucumbers

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Industrial Cucumber Cleaning Machine is our new washing machine with material
warehouse.This material warehouse can temporarily store large quantities of incoming materials such as cucumber,it’s the most design highlights.

cucumber cleaning machine
cucumber cleaning machine

Cucumber is a common vegetable in our daily life. The fruit is oily green or emerald green, and it also is a medicine.Cucumbers eaten raw can beautify your skin and as a ingredient can also loss weight.So making the cucumber to pickle cuucmber is also a good choice.

cucumber washing machine
cucumber washing machine

The cucumber cleaning machine uses the wind of the fan to make the water produce a strong stirring movement, so that the material rolls in the water.

At the same time, the high-pressure water pipe nozzle placed at the feed inlet pushes the material to the direction of the hoist through water, and the clean fruits and vegetables are fed to the next step by the hoist.

This equipment is an essential machine in the fruit and vegetable juice production line. It is widely suitable for cleaning vegetables and fruits. It is easy to use and has a significant water saving effect.

How to Wash a Cucumber?

The cucumber cleaning machine contains of a frame, a water tank, a fan, a hoist, a bubble tube, a water spray tube, etc.

During work, due to the presence of wind in the water, the cucumber roll in any direction in the water, and move forward under the push of high-pressure water. ,

At the exit, a scraper elevator will send the cucumber to the next process. The whole is a split structure, and the water tank, conveyor, inlet and outlet hopper, and cover are easy to disassemble, easy to clean and repair.

Industrial Cucumber Cleaning Machine
Industrial Cucumber Cleaning Machine

Cucumber Cleaning Machine Features

This equipment material is SUS304 stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, good structural strength and stable conveying.

The conveying material is available in stainless steel chain net, nylon chain plate,

Multi-position linear welding, structural fastness. Optional integral lifting or heating function.

The equipment has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, easy assembly and disassembly, and large torque.

According to the specific product, you can request to add a hair roller or filter screen to stick the hair and filter impurities.

If you want to save energy the filtered circulating water can continous to use.

Here is our cucumber washing videos feedback from our American customer for your reference!!


As you can see in this video,if you want to get the pickled cucumber,only a cucumber cleaning machine is not enough,after washing ,you also need drying,cutting,filling ect process.


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