Automatic Seaweed Cleaning Machine Clean Kelp From Beach

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The seaweed cleaning machine (shift fork type) is based on the standard model with a reciprocating fork feeding. It not only assists the advancement of materials, but also effectively combs the materials, prevents knots and entanglement, improves cleaning efficiency, and ensures the cleaning effect. It is widely used with kelp, Long strip materials such as algae.

seaweed from beach
Fresh seaweed from beach

Kelp is a kind of seafood, and there may be silt, so it needs to be cleaned and removed. The kelp material is soft and slender. You can add a fork during bubble cleaning to help the kelp move forward, so that the subsequent kelp can continue to be washed, forming a process of automatic kelp cleaning.

Technical Parameters

Seaweed Washing Machine Power(KW) Size(MM) Weight(KG) Mesh width(MM)
GGXQ3000 2.2/0.75/1.5 3100*1400*1500 500 600
GGXQ4000 4/1.1/1.5 4100*1400*1500 700 800
GGXQ5000 5.5/1.5/2.2 5100*1400*1500 900 800
GGXQ6000 5.5/1.5/2.2 6100*1400*1500 1000 800
GGXQ7000 5.5/1.5/3 7100*1400*1500 1200 800
GGXQ8000 5.5/1.5/3 8100*1400*1500 1350 800

Seaweed Cleaning Machine Features

The support frame and conveyor belt of this machine are made of 304 stainless steel, which is stable in operation, simple in maintenance, and has a long service life. The running speed of the whole machine is adjustable. The conveying speed can be set according to production needs. The degree of automation is high, labor saving, and production efficiency improved. .



1. Clean and clean: under the dual action of air bubble and spray, clean in all directions and at multiple angles.
2. The fruit and vegetable cleaning machine adopts vortex spray water flow, which will not damage the surface structure of fruits and vegetables. It can also adopt a circulating water structure. The cleaning water can be used twice, which can save 80% of the cleaning water.
3. The cleaning process is automatically controlled by the computer to release labor and greatly improve work efficiency.

Here is our cleaning machine for seaweed cleaning on youtube for your reference!

Working principle

The fork cleaning machine is mainly to imitate the manual cleaning method. It is conveyed by a mesh belt. The high-pressure air pump generates gas to make the vegetables perform a strong turning movement in the cleaning machine. Under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, it effectively separates the attachments on the vegetable surface Impurities, and at the same time, the material is turned over in the soda and water mixture.


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