Stainless Steel Eddy Current Cleaning Machine For Fruit Salad


Staineless steel eddy current cleaning machine for fruie salad is suitable for cleaning, removing impurities and conveying materials such as fruits salad, vegetables, leafy vegetables, mushrooms and Chinese herbal medicines. It is especially suitable for the flow operation of various tasks of strawberries. It replaces heavy manual labor and realizes the mechanization of agricultural products.

The purpose of cleaning vegetable raw materials is to remove all the substances in the vegetable raw materials that do not meet the operating requirements, especially microorganisms. Before cleaning, the number of microorganisms on the surface of normal vegetable raw materials is between 10,000-100,000,000/g. Some vegetables are often Adhering to the soil, the number of microorganisms is much higher. Through the correct cleaning process, the number of microorganisms in vegetable raw materials will be reduced to about 2.2-5 percent of the initial number.

Eddy Current Cleaning Machine Multifunctional For Vegetable
Eddy Current Cleaning Machine Multifunctional For Vegetable


The eddy current vibration cleaning machine is a new type of fruit and vegetable cleaning and processing machine. There are two major differences between it and other washing machines, one is water cleaning, and the other is vibration conveying materials. This machine has simple structure, low failure rate, compact structure, convenient operation, good cleaning effect, good filterability and high productivity.

washing machine details
Washing machine details

Working principle

Use the clean water to form a vortex, so that the material is cleaned in the clean water with the vortex. When the material is cleaned, it is spirally moved with the clean water in the cleaning tank. After the material is cleaned, it is pushed into the vibrating conveying mechanism by the hydrodynamic force and sent out of the cleaning machine.

Main structure

This Stainless Steel Eddy Current Cleaning Machine For Fruit Salad is composed of frame, cleaning water tank, water pump, water storage tank, vibration conveying mechanism, electrical control system and control switch.

Compared with the ordinary version of the eddy current vegetable washing machine, what are the changes and advantages of the luxurious equipment?

1. Increase the drum-type impurity removal device and the decontamination guide slot, the effect of decontamination, decontamination, and cleaning of broken leaves is better, and the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is more humane and reasonable.

2. The vibrating conveyor part add a spray device: at the end of the entire cleaning system, before the finished product is transported, we add a running water spray to this luxurious vortex vegetable washing machine. The shower system adds a guarantee to the cleaning effect of the entire system.

Here is our youtube videos about the washing machine working process for your reference!!

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