Small Scale Sachet Tomato Ketchup Sauce Processing Plant


The tomato ketchup sauce processing plant us designed for the small tomato farmers ,it can directly processing the red mature tomato harvest from the small farm into ketchup.Now it is the most popular equipment in the Kenya,Nigeria,Philippines,Pakistan,UK ect region for the small scale tomato sauce business starter with low investment.

tomato ketchup processing plant

Tomato Ketchup Processing Plant Benifits

1.You doesn’t need to buy the drum tomato paste (brix 28%-30%) then do the troublesome tomato sauce blending work.

2.The sachet tomato sauce can be sold directly to local residents and eaten out of the bag. The return on investment is extremely high.

3.You can avoid the economic losses of tomatoes grown on your own farm due to market conditions.

4.You can achieve diversified operations. In addition to selling the harvested tomatoes as vegetables, you can also add an extra income channel.

tomato ketchup processing plant
Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Plant Parameter
Tomato Ketchup Processing Plant Parameter
Hoist Hoist power: 0.75kw
Size: 2000 * 800 * 1600mm
tomato washing machine Powder:4.45KW / 380V / 50Hz
Size: 2500x1200x1300mm
Enzyme inactivation equipment Capacity: 1T / H
Size: 1220 × 615 × 1250mm
Broken screw pump Capacity: 0.5-1 ton / hour;
Dimensions: 1500 × 500 × 500mm;
Pulp machine Capacity: 1-2.5 tons / hour
Power: 380V, 50Hz, 4Kw;
Jacketed Pot Capacity:200L


Ketchup Packaging Machine Size1200 * 350 * 350
Voltage 200-250V  50 or 60HZ
Ketchup Hot Water Pasteurizer Power:27KW


How To Make Tomato Ketchup

Making tomato ketchup you need to washing drying crushing pulping the tomato and cooking filling pasteurizing the packaged sachet toamto sauce.

small scale tomato paste processing line flow chart

Tomato Washing Machine

The tomato washing machine is also called toamto floating washing machine,it is special designed for tomato washing.

Tomato Crushing Machine

Before we make the tomato pulp,we need to crushing the tomato or even need to cutting the tomato before crushing.On the one hand the crushed tomato will be  smoother feeding for the next pulp making process;On the other hand, if you  the crushing tomato will greatly improve the tomato pulp yield!

Tomato Pulping Machine

The tmato pulping machine can make the crushed tomato into tomato pulp.and the tomato skin and stem will be dicharge from the slag discharge port.

Ketchup Cooking Pot

The tomato paste cooking pot have both sterilization and concentrate functions.It is mutifunctional and economy.It can concentrate tomato pulp, evaporate excess water;And if you have specific request of the tomato ketchup,in this machine ,yo ucan add your additives,this cooking pot with mix function,and it will provent paste pot.

Ketchup Filling Machine Sachet

The ketchup pouch packaging machine is used to automatically complete all the work of coding-bag making-metering-filling-sealing-counting-cutting.

1. The sealing is tighter, increasing the value of the product. Using rolling technology, the sealing is stable, the strength is high, and the sealing time is longer.
2. It is more suitable for liquid pouches and does not leak. Double-level sealing rollers enhance the sealing effect and ensure no leakage or damage during market circulation.
3. High availability. The dual-drive motor and roller press design improve the availability, and the factory realizes a week of non-stop operation.
4. Faster speed. Variable frequency motor and roller design, so that the packaging process can be carried out without stopping the machine except for the stepping state
5.3 Integration with 4-side sealing. Three-side sealing and four-side sealing can be realized on one machine without replacing any parts.

Sachet Ketchup Water Bath Pasteurizer

Pasteurize the sachet ketchup in 80 degree water.Then cooling them down.



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