In the 17th century, the Chinese had a sauce made with anchovies and spices called ke-chiap. By the 18th century, British flavors were introduced into sauces in the New British colonies in the Malay states (now Malaysia and Singapore). The Malaysian Malay word for sauce is kicap or kecap (pronounced “kay-chap”). This word evolved into the English word “ketchup”. The British brought the sauce recipe back to England. Eventually, this sauce was introduced by the British to the new American colony, where it is also called ketchup or sometimes ketchup.

Many tomato sauce variants were created, including the mushroom version, but the tomato-based version did not appear until other types of tomato became popular about a century later. Early versions of tomato chase or ketchup still contained anchovies, but by the mid-1850s, most recipes had removed anchovies, and these recipes were usually simplified to contain only tomatoes, salt, sugar, vinegar, and spices.

Ketchup is also called “ketchup” in many parts of the world, especially in other British colonies such as Britain and Australia. It’s the same sauce, but the name is different.

Today, these two names are still used interchangeably around the world and are essentially the same seasoning, although the specific ingredients used by different manufacturers in different regions are slightly different. Now that we talked about tomato sauce, as a gourmet editor, let’s talk about distinguishing tomato puree from tomato sauce and tomato sauce.

1. Tomato puree is basically concentrated tomatoes, the sauce is just tomatoes sifted like a passata, and tomato sauce is a condiment of vinegar and sugar. Tomato puree is tomato puree without added liquid. Sometimes they will be cooked first. Usually, the seeds are filtered out.

tomato puree
tomato puree

2. Tomato sauce is basically sweetened tomato puree, so it can be spread. The store where you buy it mainly uses corn syrup, but you can also use granulated sugar. Add onion and garlic powder, even a little clove is a good feeling. It also adds vinegar. Ketchup is mainly used for burger hot dogs and French fries, but many people put it on almost everything.


3. The seasoning usually starts with onion and garlic. Then, the sauce gets ketchup (ketchup, almost no water). Then add tomato puree or peeled tomatoes to the sauce. Add basil, oregano, salt, and sometimes sugar or other seasonings. Usually this is pizza or pasta.

Now you should understand that, in fact, we often use ketchup for dipping fries, not tomato sauce.

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