The sterilization principle of the pasteurizer is that within a certain temperature range, the lower the temperature, the slower the bacterial reproduction; the higher the temperature, the faster the reproduction. But if the temperature is too high, the bacteria will die. Different bacteria have different optimum growth temperature, heat and cold tolerance.

Bacteria have different optimum growth temperatures and heat and cold tolerance.
Pasteurization is actually the use of pathogens that are not very heat-resistant, treatment with appropriate temperature and holding time to kill them all. But after pasteurization, a small part of harmless or beneficial, more heat-resistant bacteria or bacterial spores remained.

Fresh Milk Pasteurizer
Fresh Milk Pasteurizer

Therefore, we use a fresh milk pasteurizer specially used to sterilize fresh milk. The sterilization process of this sterilization equipment just makes up for the shortcomings of the pasteurization method. The product features of fresh milk pasteurizer are as follows:

1. The whole milk pasteurizer is made of 304 stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic;
2. The pasteurization method can maintain the original quality and has a long shelf life:
3. It adopts automatic temperature control, frequency converter adjustment, high degree of automatic assembly line, low labor intensity, and optional computer automatic control system;
4. The equipment is easy to use, maintain, and has a beautiful appearance;

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