Steam Heating Type Tubular Sterilization Machine Prolong Food Preserve


The steam heating type tubular sterilization machine we are talking about refers to the large and medium-sized tubular sterilizer, which is used in various sterilization and cooling of concentrated fruit pulp, sauce, dairy products, egg products, tea beverages and other products, touch screen operation is fully automatic control with self-cleaning and reverse cleaning systems.

Steam Heating Type Tubular Sterilization MachineClassification

The control system of the steam heating sleeve type sterilizer has two types of automatic configuration and semi-automatic configuration; see below for details:

Fully automatic configuration: using computer program control PLC technology, according to the set process requirements, the whole process of production and operation control, with CIP cleaning program, automatic cleaning. Referred to as Automatic Tube Sterilizer.

Semi-automatic configuration: The whole process of operation is controlled semi-automatically. The operator can control each pump, valve and return flow function from the control panel. The temperature control PID maintains the sterilization temperature. The sterilization temperature is continuously recorded on the recorder. Referred to as semi-automatic tube sterilizer.

Steam heating type tubular sterilization machine Application

Steam heating type tubular sterilization machine are used for milk, fruit juice, tea beverages, milk-containing beverages, ketchup, condiments, beer, cream, ice cream, egg products, solid powder and other products.

Process flow

This unit is composed of material system, high temperature hot water system, vacuum deaerator system (optional), high-pressure homogenization system (optional), CIP cleaning system, self-sterilizing aseptic system (optional) and control system.

Working principle

The working principle of the steam heating type tubular sterilization machine is that the material is heated to 138~140°C through the sleeve type heat exchanger in a continuous flow state, and maintained at this temperature for a time (2 to 4 seconds), and then filled In the packaging container.

The entire sterilization process is completed in a short time. The process of UHT tube sterilization machine adopts in-line tube heat exchanger sterilization system.


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