Sweet Corn Bubble Cleaning Machine For Corn Silk Remove

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The sweet corn bubble cleaning  machine with 3-4 brush roller is based on the standard or air bubble washing machine with 3 to 4 brush rollers installed above the sink. This is our latest design cleaning equipment.The brush roller above the tank can remove the sweet corn silk with the air bubble

sweet corn washing machine
sweet corn washing machine

The brush roller can effectively remove filaments and long strips of debris, such as hair, weeds, sweet corn silk etc.It can ensure the purity of the next supply material. It is the best choice for cleaning equipment sweet corn pre-processing.

Before this sweet corn cleaning machine,we need to sheeling the sweet corn firsltly.Then to use this machine to washing and removing the silks in the sweet corn surface.

Here is our youtube videos of the new design bubble cleaning machine  working process for your reference!!

Sweet Corn Cleaning Machine Features

▼The sweet corn cleaning machine conveyingthe whole sweet corn by a mesh belt. It can well cope with the cleaning and promotion of sinking and floating materials.

▼The high-power vortex air pump is uniformly distributed at the bottom of the trough through the air pipe.The overall water is circulated. We design a separate filter sub-tank to effectively remove floating debris.

▼There are 3-4 brush rollers on the top of the sink, and the air bubbles at the bottom work together to remove the sweet corn silk during the efficient tossing process in the water.

▼The feed inlet have forward rushing waves, it can effectively push the sweet corn forward and place the feed stacks.

▼304 stainless steel design, stable operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance.It can effectively improving cleaning efficiency, saving water, it is the best choice for sweet corn cleaning to remove the silk.

After cleaning the sweet corn,we also have sweet corn thresher, you can get the sweet corn kernels.The sweet kernels can process to canned sweet corn or frozen corn.If you have a higher request of the final products color,we also have the sweet corn blanching plant after cleaning it.Ay questions of the sweet corn processing plant ,welcome to contact us freely!!


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