Automatic Weight Sorting Machine For Fruits And Vegetables


The automatic weight sorting machine adopts the principle of balance and lever, and uses the weight of the container and the set weight of the weight device to achieve the classification and classification of the selected weight by the displacement and measurement during swimming.

automatic weight sorting machine for fruits and vegetables
Automatic weight sorting machine for fruits and vegetables


In the fully automatic transmission, various fruits and vegetables that need to be graded are weighed and sorted quickly and correctly, such as dragon fruit, pear, apple, mango, peach, citrus, sugar orange, kiwi, tomato, potato, sweet potato, plum, Persimmons, onions, etc., produce precise grading.


It not only weighs accurately and accurately, but also has the characteristics of no damage to the fruit, high efficiency, easy operation, and wide range of use. It can also improve the quality of the fruit and enhance the competitiveness of the fruit market. It is the machine equipment of the agricultural product classification system.

Automatic weight sorting machine

★Save labor. One weight classifier can replace about 6-10 people.

★Reduce the chance of artificial contact with the product and meet the requirements of food safety.

★The parameters of the product classification section can be set freely according to the needs.


Model GG-4712
Dimensions 2100*600*800mm
Voltages 220v
Power 0.75Kw
Capacity 1500-3000Kg/h

The weight classifier not only guarantees the accuracy of the product weight, reduces the production waste caused by the weight exceeding the standard value, but also improves the trust of the product among customers, realizes zero complaints about the product weight from customers, and enables enterprises to produce The efficiency is greatly improved.

Here is the automatic weight sorting machine working process for your reference!!

About the fruit and vegetable sorting machine we also have round fruit roller classifier for your reference!!


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