Onion Size Sorting Grader Machine With 5 Grading Leval


The onion size sorting machine can grading the onion into 5 different size levels. It is specially suitable for the classification of round, oval or similar shaped fruit and vegetable products. such as onion, potato, sweet potato, garlic ect.

onion sorting machine
onion sorting machine

This machine is divided into three or four or more levels according to customer requirements, which are small, medium, large, large and small.

onion sorting machine application material
onion sorting machine application material

Onion Grading Machine Advantages

Food grade stainless steel

Divide onion into multiple levels

Customize the size according to your request

Polishing treatment, no damage to fruits and vegetables

onion sorting machine details in our factory

Onion Grader Working principle

Pour the onion into the hopper of the elevator and transport it to the drum, forward by the built-in auger

Advancing, the appropriate apertures in order from small to large fall into the receiving trough body, and discharg from the pouring port, thereby

Here is our onion grading machine working process in our factory for your refeence!!

It can evenly divide the onion into various sizes and specifications,and we can customized the grading aperture according to customer’s requesdt.

Onion Size Sorting Machine Parameters

Production capacity: 2-10t/h

Equipped with power: 6Kw

Grading level: Level 5

Dimensions: 5500*1000*1700mm

After the onion grading process,we also habe onion peeling machine,and onion dicing machine to slicing the peeled onion into onion rings for frying ect.

If you have any problem in onion processing welcome to contact us,we can also support you the turnkey solutions!


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