Cassava Washing and Peeling Machine for Cassava Processing

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The cassava washing and peeling machine is mainly suitable for cleaning and peeling round and oval fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root vegetables. According to different materials, straight hair/wavy hair/sand stick/soft hair and hard hair can be selected to achieve the effects of cleaning, peeling, and polishing.


The cleaning roller is a nylon cord rolled material treated by a special process, and the peeling is a hardened material, which has good wear resistance. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel with rotating discharge. The bottom of the machine is equipped with an isolation filter to effectively separate cassava waste residue and waste water.


Cassava has more nutrients and can be made into cassava flour, dried cassava, and can also be made into vegetables.Cassava is known as the king of starch. Therefore, the cleaning and peeling of cassava will become very complicated if it is manually carried out, and it will affect the subsequent processing efficiency of cassava.

Cassava peeling machine design

The cassava washing and peeling machine designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of root and potato processing machinery adopts the principle of hair rollers, and at the same time it is peeled, it is equipped with a spray rinse of clean water. The cleaning and peeling are completed at the same time, which is more efficient.

Working principle of cassava peeling machine

After the cassava is put into the machine, the brush roller rotates to scrub the raw materials and turns them over continuously. At the same time, the drain pipe is continuously sprayed to wash off the dirt from the cassava until it is cleaned. Open the discharge port and discharge it. material.

1. This machine is mainly composed of frame, brush roller, transmission system and water pipe assembly and other components
2. This cassava washing and peeling machine adopts bearings with better performance to increase the life of the product.
3. All parts of the machine in contact with cassava are made of materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure long-term work is not rusty, corrosion-free, non-toxic and harmless.


The machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and convenient operation, large cleaning volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, etc. The brush roller material is processed by a special process (rolled with nylon cord) , Durable, good wear resistance. The cabinet is made of stainless steel, which is not rusty, clean and hygienic.

It can be used on the quick-frozen cassava chip processing line developed by our factory, or it can be used alone. This machine can discharge both continuously and intermittently when it is working. It has advanced design, convenient operation, low energy consumption, sanitation, safety, and high efficiency. It is an ideal cassava and other fruit and vegetable processing equipment.

Cost of cassava peeling machine in Nigeria

Before getting the cassava peeler’s course book, you should know a few things. They are some of the important factors that affect the cost of the Nigerian cassava peeling machine.

1. Capacity of cassava peeling machine

The capacity of the cassava peeler is larger, and the cost will be higher. The capacity of the cassava peeler includes: or larger capacity. We can also customize according to your requirements.


2.Materials of cassava peeling machine

The process cost of stainless steel cassava peeler is usually higher than that of carbon steel. Because the stainless steel cassava peeling machine is more hygienic and more rust-proof. Stainless steel materials also include stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. The material of carbon steel is relatively cheap and can be used in the production of animal feed.

In addition, we also have other designs for cassava peeling machines in Ghana, Africa. Due to the simple structure and low capacity, the process will be lower. If you are interested in cassava processing machine, please contact us.


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