The cost of the ginger-garlic sauce production plant ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a professional ginger garlic paste making machine manufacturers, we summed up that its cost is mainly affected by two factors. First, the ginger-garlic situation; Secondly. The form of packaging and the level of automation.

garlic sauce processing line
garlic sauce processing line

The production of ginger, garlic and ginger mainly includes the pretreatment of ginger and garlic: broken petals (not needed for ginger), peeled, washed, air-dried, broken (not needed for garlic); grinding sauce of ginger and garlic; blending of ginger and garlic sauce; ginger and garlic sauce Package.

In terms of these processes, the cost of the ginger-garlic sauce production plant is mainly affected by the conditions of the customer’s ginger-garlic and the packaging of the ginger-garlic ginger.

First, analyze the materials to be processed and how they affect the cost of the ginger, garlic and ginger production plant.

We all know that fresh ginger has a lot of silt on the surface. If we want to use it to make ginger paste, we first need to clean it, peel it, and crush it before subsequent grinding of the paste. The same is true for garlic. To make garlic sauce, we need to use aged garlic, but we also need to perform pre-processing operations such as breaking, peeling, cleaning, and air drying.

If your finished product is cleaned garlic, or cleaned and peeled ginger, or if you have enough workers to perform pre-processing operations, then you do not need to be equipped with corresponding cleaning, peeling, air-drying and other equipment. Save part of the cost of equipment.

But if you have certain requirements for processing capacity, our equipment can meet your processing capacity of tons per hour. And it will save you more labor costs.

Secondly, for the processed ginger-garlic sauce, the customer ultimately chooses which packaging form and the degree of automation required.

Fully automatic ginger garlic sauce filling line

If the customer’s ginger-garlic sauce production plant is relatively large, a set of fully automatic ginger-garlic sauce filling line is required. The automatic ginger garlic sauce filling line only needs to manually place the bottle on the bottle feeding turntable-automatic bottle washing-automatic high temperature drying and sterilization-automatic filling-automatic capping and lowering-automatic vacuum tightening-automatic coding- Automatic labeling-manual bottle collection.

If the customer’s production volume is not particularly large, we still recommend the configuration. A small paste filling machine plus a blanching sterilizer can fully meet the packaging needs of small-volume customers and reduce the investment cost of the ginger-garlic sauce production plant. !!

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