The tomato sauce making machine price South Africa market ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands according to the specific configuration requirements of customers. Today I would like to recommend a ketchup making machine that is very popular in the South Africa market. It has a low price and excellent performance. It is the best choice for small farmers who want to start a new ketchup business in South Africa!!!

tomato ketchup processing plant
tomato ketchup processing plant

Our tomato sauce making machine is mainly designed and developed for small-scale tomato farmers in South Africa. It has a compact structure and a small footprint. It mainly includes tomato cleaning, crushing, beating, boiling, filling, and sterilization. Especially for the ketchup cooking process, we use a jacketed pot with stirring function, which greatly reduces the cost of ketchup production equipment and fully guarantees the quality of the finished product.

For fresh tomatoes picked from the farm, it is best for us to clean, crush and beat them within 24 hours to prevent the enzymatic reaction of the tomatoes. If you only rely on manual processing of this series of tomatoes, it is difficult to complete within 24 hours, especially if you have certain requirements for the processing volume.

First, we use our tomato washing machine, also called tomato floating washing machine, to clean and sterilize fresh tomatoes, which can process up to tons of fresh tomatoes per hour. In order to improve efficiency, we designed an air-drying system during the lifting process of the washed tomatoes, which can quickly remove the excess water on the surface of the tomatoes and ensure the processing of the next process.

Our tomato crusher ensures that the crushing of tomatoes is carried out in a completely enclosed environment, ensuring the safety and sanitation of the crushed tomatoes, and the tomato processing capacity can reach 1 ton per hour. The crushed tomatoes will be beaten in the beating machine, which will make it smoother without entering the material, and can improve the pulp yield of the tomatoes.

From tomato pulp to tomato sauce ketchup , which tomato sauce concentrating machine you choose , this is a major factor affecting the tomato sauce making machine price Sounth Africa.

cooking pot in our factory

The tomato sauce sandwich pot integrates the functions of sterilization, concentration, and blending, and the equipment has its own stirring function. On the one hand, it can prevent the tomato paste from being stuck in the boiling process; on the other hand, according to the taste preference of local customers, add Corresponding seasonings, such as pepper, sugar, starch, etc., and the added materials can be evenly stirred and mixed to ensure the flavor of the finished product.

Which tomato sauce packaging form you choose ? This is another major factor that affects the the tomato sauce making machine price south Africa .

For the boiled ketchup, we use small bags of hot filling. This is based on the market feedback of the South African customers we have worked with before. This kind of packaging is ready to eat when opened and can directly face consumers and has a broad market prospect. Customer investment is small, the return on investment is high, and the capital turnover is higher than other ketchup packaging forms, which can help customers quickly pay back.

If you have your own special requirements for the packaging form of tomato sauce ketchup, we can also configure the corresponding packaging equipment for you, but it will ultimately have a certain impact on the overall price of the ketchup making machine.

Do you also want to start a ketchup business in South Africa? If you have any questions about ketchup processing, please feel free to contact us online, we will provide you with professional technical answers and customized services! !

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