For seasoning ketchup produced by factories, the raw materials will be tomatoes, sweeteners, onion powder, spices, salt and white vinegar. We look at the specific steps one by one.

▐ How do tomatoes become concentrated sauce?

Fresh tomatoes are harvested, transported, washed, and then floated on a flowing water belt and transported to the workshop.

After manual screening, obvious bad fruits are found.

Then it is poured into the cooking stove and cooked into concentrated fresh tomato sauce.

The concentrated sauce is filled in a tin foil sealed container, kept in a vacuum state, and enters the next step of seasoning processing.


▐ How is seasoning processing done?

For the sealed fresh tomato sauce, each batch will be sampled by the quality inspection department to check whether the viscosity and other indicators meet the standards, and the qualified ones will enter the next processing step.

If the quality inspection is passed, the box containing the fresh tomato sauce will be sent to the air pump and pumped into the storage tank in the machine at a rate of 15 kg per minute. The tomato sauce in the storage tank will be controlled by the computer. The amount of sauce is fed into the cooking stove.

Pour other seasonings into the cooking stove, and go through the steps of mixing, stirring and heating together with the fresh tomato sauce, and it becomes a sweet and sour tomato sauce!

The cooked ketchup is filled into the bottle after passing through a cooling system.


▐ How to seal the bottle mouth?

Food processing may not be magical for everyone who loves to eat and cook. The most fascinating thing in the food factory is the filling and packaging production line. The precise and tacit cooperation between the small machine parts completed one by one quite difficult movements, and the speed was so fast that it was difficult for the naked eye to catch every movement. Staring is addictive! The capping machine gently buckles the plastic cap on the bottle mouth, and then through two rotating wheels, the cap is tightened, you say goose is not goose girl!

The plastic bag used to seal the mouth of the bottle is slightly looser than the mouth of the bottle, and is cut into a suitable length by the machine and sleeved on the mouth of the bottle. Then heated by hot steam, the plastic bag shrinks and sets the bottle mouth tightly to achieve the sealing effect. Finally affix the logo, it can be transported to the shelf waiting for everyone to buy it.

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