Industrial Passion Fruit Juice Processing Making Machine

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The industrial passion fruit juice machine can separate the juice in the passion fruit from the skin and seeds, and retain the original color, flavor, and nutrients of the passion fruit to the greatest extent. It is one of the core industrial equipment for making all kinds of juice jams.

passion juice machine
passion juice machine

Passion Fruit Juice Processing Machine Advantage

▼Automatic nuclear plasma separation
▼360° whole network beating, high pulping rate
▼Large pressing force
▼De-core, beating, filtering

How to Make Passion Fruit Juice

The industrial passion fruit juice machine is mainly inlude important parts such as frame, transmission motor, bearing seat, main shaft, screen, blade, feed port, slurry hopper, cylinder and so on.

passion juice extraction machine structure
Passion juice extraction machine structure

The passion fruit rotates with the beating board in the cylinder, squeezing, scraping and grinding to break the passion fruit, and separate the passion fruit core, fruit seeds and thin skin.

passion juice processing
passion juice processing

Passion Fruit Juice Machine Parameter

Model GG-1
Capacity 50-100kg/h
Power 3KW
Voltage 380v
Enucleated (peeled) Speed 100-500r/min (frequency control)
Beating Speed 860r/min
Beating mesh aperture φ0.6-φ1.0mm
Dimension 1350×770×1500mm

Passion Fruit Juice Making Machine Features

▼Feed port
Stainless steel material, safe field. Smooth and fast cutting

Handwheel adjustment, to control the desired effect and processing effect

▼Slag outlet
Inclined design, high slag discharge efficiency, no clogging

▼Tempered protective shell
Conveyor belt steel shell protection, stable operation, safe and reliable

▼Single-channel pulper
Replace the rotor, it can be cored, the skin and meat will flow into the next process, replace again, that is, the wind can be peeled and beaten

passion fruit juice machine
passion fruit juice machine

After making the passion juice ,we also have the pasteurization filling equipment.Passion fruit after sterilization and filling can extend its shelf life without passing through, and it is more convenient to transport and store, adding more added value to your passion fruit juice processing business.


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