Stainless Steel Industrial Passion Fruit Juice Extraction Machine

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Our passion fruit juice extraction machine is made by 304 stainless steel,it is mainly suitable for processing all kinds of berries, pome and all kinds of vegetables.

Passion fruit juice making machinePassion fruit juice making machine

Advantages of passion fruit juice extractor

  • The juicer is made of high-quality stainless steel, which not only ensures the original flavor of passion fruit, but also prolongs its service life.
  • This machine is a breakthrough in passion fruit deep processing equipment. It solves the complicated process of artificial peeling and juicing of passion fruit, and realizes the separation of passion fruit peel, seed and juice.
  • The separation of pulp, seeds and peel is very good, especially the obtained passion fruit juice is very clean and can be used directly in the next step.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of the machine is very easy and cost-effective.
  • passion juice processing
    passion juice processing

    Passion Fruit Juice Machine Working principle:

The passion fruit juice pulping machine has a reasonable structure and consists of a frame, a crusher, a transmission device, a transmission motor, a seed bucket, a seed outlet, a juice outlet, a juice collection tank, a separation bucket and peel extraction.

1.When the machine is working, the material enters the crusher from the feed port, and enters the separation cylinder after the crushed cutting teeth are crushed.

2.Then the juice, pulp and peel are rolled and rubbed in separate buckets to separate the juice, pulp and peel.

3.Then, the peel is discharged through the slag discharge port, and the juice and pulp fall into the collection tank and flow into the seeding bucket.

4.Place a silicone scraper in the seed bucket to scrape the juice out of the small holes in the seed tube, and then flow from the juice outlet to the next process.

5.Passion fruit seeds are discharged from the seed outlet to separate the skin, seeds and juice.

passion juice extraction machine
passion juice extraction machine

How to use and maintain the passion fruit pulping machine?

1.Before using the machine, first, check the rotating parts of the machine to see if the rotation is flexible and the belt and chain are too loose.

2.When starting the motor, pay attention to whether the steering is consistent with the steering wheel.

3.In the process of using the machine, it is necessary to check the damage of the passion fruit, the cleanliness of the seeds and the separation of the seeds and the meat. If you find a problem, you can adjust the gap between the squeegee and the barrel wall in the cartridge;

4.When using the machine, check the seed loss rate and pulp output speed. If the loss rate is too high, the height of the tap hole can be appropriately increased. If the pulp discharge rate is too slow, the skin height can be appropriately reduced.

5.Please turn on the machine before feeding pulp. When shutting down the machine, it is necessary to stop it before discharging the passion seeds and pulp, so that it can be cleaned after shutting down. For example, if passion seeds are attached to the crusher and fruit juice collection box, an appropriate amount of water can be added for washing to promote the discharge of the seeds.

6.The material entering the machine must not be mixed with hard objects (such as metal and stone) to avoid damage to the machine.

7.Before using the machine, the lubrication point of each bearing should be filled with lubricating oil regularly.

8.When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to enter any part of the machine.

Here is the passion juice woeking process in our factory for your reference!!


Model GG-1 GG-5
Power 2.2kw 4.0kw
Capacity 1T/H 5T/H
Dimension 1900*670*1695mm 2500*1000*1800mm

After making the passion juice,you also need to pasteurize it for easy storage.Of course if you want to filling then in the bottle or bags,we can also support you the passion juice filling machine!We can also customzie the passion juice production line according to your specific request,any questions about the passion fruit processing feel free to contact us online!!


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