To make Moringa juice, we first need to clean and sterilize the fresh Moringa leaves, and then air-dry the excess water on the surface of the Moringa leaves. Put the cleaned Moringa leaves into the feed port of the juicer to get the Moringa juice from the fresh Moringa leaves.

Moringa Juice Machine Structure

The whole moringa juice extractor machine material is stainless steel, composed of front support, feed hopper, screw, filter screen, juice container, rear support, slag discharge tank and other parts.
The left end of the spiral main shaft is supported in the rolling bearing seat, and the right end is supported in the handwheel bearing seat. The motor drives the spiral through a pair of V-belt pulleys to work.

Moringa Juice Extractor Machine Features

★ Spiral push extrusion;

★ Self-separation of slurry and residue;

★ 304 stainless steel, reliable and hygienic.

★ Wide application range.

juice extractor machine details in our factory
juice extractor machine details in our factory

Moringa Juice Extractor Machine Working Process

The moringa juice extractor machine with a large input, you can put the washed moringa into the input ,in the moringa juice extractor machine have a screw shaft.When the moringa juice machine working the screw shaft will whirl with the moringa leafy.During the rotation, the Moringa leaves are squeezed, the juice in the Moringa leaves is squeezed out, and the squeezed fiber is discharged through the residue outlet.

The screw of the moringa juice machine gradually increases the bottom diameter along the direction of the slag outlet and the screw pitch gradually decreases. When the moringa juice machine push the carrot by the screw, it will reduce the the volume of the screw cavity to form the squeezing of the moringa. At the end you can obtain the moringa juice.

Incredible Health Benefits Of Moringa Juice Recipe

  • Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Moringa helps in weight loss
  • It may help lower blood sugar levels
  • It protects the liver
  • Preventing & treating cancer
  • Helps to treat stomach disorders like constipation, gastritis & ulcerative colitis
  • Because of its antibacterial & antimicrobial property, it helps to fight against bacterial disease
  • Helps to treat edema
  • Protecting & nourishing skin & hair
  • Makes bone healthier
  • Treating mood disorders like anxiety, depression & fatigue
  • Good for eye health
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Helping wounds to heal
  • It helps to reduce inflammations
  • Moringa can lower cholesterol
  • It maintains a healthy heart
  • Reduces headache

With this moringa juice machine ,you can process 500kg fresh moringa per hour.It can meets your industrial processing request.And we can also support you the moringa juice sterilization and filling machine if you request.

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