Congratulations to our Somali customer’s small scale tomato sauce making machine in our factory as scheduled, and the delivery was completed this Wednesday. The small scale tomato ketchup plant mainly obtains 28-30% brix tomato sauce through tomato picking, washing, crushing, pulping, cooking, filling, water bath sterilization and other treatments.

The small tomato paste making machine of a Somali customer can process 300kg of tomatoes per hour, and the tomato sauce obtained is finally packaged into 200g sachets. According to customer feedback, this kind of sachet tomato sauce is very popular locally and even in Eastern Africa, such as Somalia, Kenya, South Africa, etc., because it can directly face consumers and can be eaten in bags. Therefore, the market prospect is very broad.

Here is our commercial tomato sauce making machine testing video in our factory for your reference!!

How to make ketchup from scratch?

  1. Grading of fresh tomatoes: Choose fully mature, bright color, high dry matter content, thin skin, thick flesh, and few seeds tomatoes as raw materials.
  2. Tomato washing machine: The tomato washing machine is also called toamto floating washing machine,it is special designed for tomato washing.It can wash the silt and dirt on the fresh tomatoes surface with clean water
  3. Tomato Picking Belt: Pick out the pedicle and green and rotten parts.
  4. Tomato Blanching Machine: Pour the trimmed tomatoes into boiling water and blanch for 2~3 minutes to soften the flesh and make it easier to pulping.
  5. Tomato crushing machine:Before we make the tomato pulp,we need to crushing the tomato or even need to cutting the tomato before crushing.On the one hand, the crushed tomato will be smoother feeding for the next pulp making process;On the other hand, if you the crushing tomato will greatly improve the tomato pulp yield!
  6. Tomato pulp making machine: After blanching, pour the tomatoes into the tomato pulper to break the pulp and remove the skin seeds. After pulping, the pulp is immediately heated and concentrated to prevent the pectinase from stratifying.
  7. Heating and concentration: Put the juice in a jacketed pot, heat and concentrate, and stop heating when the soluble solid content reaches 22%~24%. Our jacketed pot has its own stirring during the concentration process to prevent scorching
  8. Sterilization and cooling: Sterilize in I00C boiling water for 20~30 minutes, and then cool to temperature of 35~Up to 40°C in a tank .
tomato ketchup processing plant
tomato ketchup processing plant in our factory

This is a ketchup processing equipment that is customized according to the scale of the tomato sauce business carried out by Somali customers, which can meet customer needs and has a high return on investment! !

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