The client comes from Mali, a landlocked country in West Africa. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are the main potential for Mali’s economic development. And it is very close to Nigeria, the 13th largest tomato producer in the world.

However, the industry faces huge challenges in distribution, storage and cultivation. The customer told us that although the local annual production of tomatoes is considerable, their country generally relies on imported tomato paste.

This is also the reason why customers want to introduce tomato production lines in their country.

Tomato Paste Production Line

Tomatoes to tomato paste ratio

Through the introduction of our small tomato paste processing line, the tomatoes to tomato paste ratio is approximately 6:1,that’s to say, our customers can process 500kg of tomatoes per hour and get 80kg of tomato sauce.

Calculated based on 8 hours of work per day, our Small tomato paste processing line can help customers process 4T tomatoes in one day and get customers 640KG tomato paste.

Canned Tomato Paste

We sterilize these tomato paste by high temperature and enter the market after canning, which can bring considerable benefits to our customers.

In addition, the tomato paste obtained from customer feedback is thick and red, which can be made into dark red according to the requirements of different markets. Pour this paste from the tin can, and the whole paste can even stand on its own without water.

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