Tomato Paste pre-heater is a relatively common machine in the tomato sauce processing machine. Except for those in the industry who are familiar with it, most people probably have rarely heard of it. But it doesn’t matter, everyone can see from the literal that the tomato paste preheater is a special machine developed for some fruits and vegetables, which is used to heat the crushed tomato pulp.

tomato sauce pre heating machine
tomato sauce pre heating machine

First of all, let’s talk about the working principle of the preheater. The preheater is a form of hot air exchange, in which the material meets the hot air in a suspended state and is heated again. It is said that the tomato sauce preheater is an indispensable machine in the manufacture of fruit and vegetable sauce, so what are its benefits?

Everyone knows that fruits will change color if they are directly heated, and they will be very sour when eaten. That is because the ingredients of the fruits have been destroyed and the acid overflows.

When the tomato jam preheater is used, the fruit pulp can be preheated to destroy the enzyme activity, prevent discoloration and pectin hydrolysis, dissolve the pectin in the pulp tissue, avoid the slurry layering phenomenon, and facilitate the processing of the next process.

pre heater
Pre heater in our factory

The main features of Tomato Paste pre-heater are as follows:

1. Process parameters: 5℃—80℃-45℃, used for preheating and softening the tomato of concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, pulp or sauce products, effectively providing the juice yield of the subsequent equipment

2. The system is automatically controlled, and the sterilization temperature, steam pressure, and tomato flow are controlled reliably

3. The important components of the system (material pump, hot water pump, steam valve, electronic control components) are all world-renowned brands

4. The system comes with CIP cleaning, pressure protection measures and alarm system

5. The heating tube is made of stainless steel SUS304, the inner tube is seamless cold drawn stainless steel, and the inner wall is mirror polished.

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