Passion fruit, also known as passion fruit, egg fruit, and passion fruit, is an aromatic fruit with a fragrant aroma when the fruit matures. Its juice can emit the richness of more than 10 fruits such as pomegranate, pineapple, banana, strawberry, lemon, and mango. fragrance. According to research, passion fruit juice is rich in a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, and it is a pure natural health fruit.

Passion have a rich vitamine contains

Passion fruit has high nutritional value and is loved by the general public. The juice made from passion fruit fruit is not only sweet and sour, but also helpful for digestion. In order to maximize the yield and product quality of passion fruit juice, we have developed a special passion pulp making machine.

passion fruit juice making machine
passion fruit juice making machine

The processing capacity of our dedicated passion fruit juicer or pulper is 1-5T per hour. Generally speaking, the juice yield of passion fruit is 30%, which means that at least 300kg of passion fruit juice can be obtained per hour. So how do we preserve these passion fruit juices?

The shelf life of passion fruit juice is very short, most of the reason is affected by microorganisms, because the metabolic activities of microorganisms in passion fruit juice are very active, so it seems to choose suitable sterilization technology to prevent the deterioration of juice drinks. Especially critical.

Passion fruit juice

Regarding the sterilization of fruit juice beverages, one is to kill pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria contaminated in the juice, destroy the enzymes in the juice and make it in a specific environment, such as in a closed bottle, can or other packaging container. A certain shelf life; second, it is required to protect the nutrients and flavor of the juice as much as possible during the sterilization process.

We generally sterilize passion fruit juice first, and then fill it in a sterile vat. The filled passion fruit juice can be stored for 1-2 years at room temperature, thereby achieving higher commercial profits.

What we use is a fruit juice tubular sterilization machine for sale for passion juice sterilize with the following characteristics:

  1. Special tube structure, specially used for sterilization treatment of fruit juice pulp.
  2. It is manufactured with Italian patented technology, combined with domestic leading technology, special sterilization machine.
  3. This sterilizer has a wide range of uses, strong practicability, and has a heat recovery device, which saves energy and water by 30% compared with traditional sterilizers.
  4. Short sterilization time, fast flow rate, no sanitary corners, and convenient CIP cleaning.
  5. Independent control cabinet, IP protection, man-machine interface PLC control.

The sterilized passion fruit juice directly enters the aseptic filling. The aseptic bag packaging is a major leap in the preservation and preservation of passion fruit juice. Its most prominent feature is that it can maintain the original flavor of the passion fruit juice ( Because there is no need for secondary sterilization). At the same time, it also has the characteristics of easy storage, convenient transportation, no need for refrigeration, and long shelf life, so it is adopted by more and more enterprises.

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