After the filling production of fruit juice jam is completed, it is necessary to sterilize the fruit juice jam bottle twice. At present, the main juice bottle sterilization processes include inverted bottle sterilization, tunnel spray sterilization, and water bath sterilization.


Inverted bottle sterilization machine: It is suitable for sterilizing the gap between the bottle mouth and bottle cap that cannot be contacted by high-temperature materials after hot filling and capping of tea and fruit juice drinks.

Tunnel spray sterilization machine: for packages below 800 grams, tunnel spray sterilization machine is necessary. It adopts circulating warm water for preheating, circulating hot water for sterilization, circulating warm water when cold, and then spraying and cooling with cooling water, four-stage processing form, with the advantages of automatic control of sterilization temperature and adjustable frequency conversion of sterilization time, and it is suitable for various bottled , sterilization and cooling of canned acid juice drinks, electrolyte drinks, wines, condiments and other products.

Water-bath sterilizer: For packages weighing more than 800 grams, you will need a water-bath sterilizer machine to make the center temperature of the material reach the sterilization temperature and keep it for a certain period of time to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

According to the condition of the canned fruit juice jam, choosing different juice sterilization methods according to your request,and this will not  destroy your fruit juice jam’s nutrient content and flavor of the whole process of processing , and improve their shelf life. Therefore, the secondary juice bottle sterilization after filling the fruit juice jam is very necessary.

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