For the commercialization of mango pulp, we need to first consider how to retain the original flavor and nutrients of mangoes so that the mango pulp tastes better. On this basis, we also need to be able to mass produce to meet market demand. And how to preserve the mango sauce produced.

How to Make Mango Pulp and Preserve
It only needs a mango pulper to make mango pulp and Mango pulp aseptic filling machine.

Mango pulp extraction machine

After the mango enters the screen cylinder, the rotation of the stick and the existence of the lead angle make the mango move along the cylinder to the outlet end. The track is a spiral line. The mango is subjected to centrifugal force during the movement between the scraper and the screen cylinder. The effect was scratched.

The juice and flesh (have become pulpy) are sent from the sieve through the collector to the next process, and the mango skin and mango core are discharged from the other open end of the cylinder to achieve separation.

mango pulp machine details in our factory
mango pulp machine details in our factory

Advantages of mango pulp making machine:

  1. It can retain the original fragrance, color and nutrients of mango to the maximum extent;
  2. Large production capacity, the processing capacity of mango per hour is 1t or even more;
  3. Unique piping design. One is beating, the second is de-nucleating. It saves the time of manual peeling and core removal, and the efficiency is high.

Making mango pulp is only the first step in the commercialization of mango pulp. How to store these mango pulps for a long time is another important factor in the commercialization of mango pulp.

mango pulp machine feedback form our Zambia customer
mango pulp machine feedback form our Zambia customer

How do you store mango pulp for one year?

The minimum processing capacity of our mango pulp manufacturing equipment is 1 ton. Calculated according to the 50% juice yield of mango pulp, you can get 500kg of mango pulp by running this equipment for one hour, and you can get 4T of mango pulp if you calculate it for 8 hours a day. Therefore, how to preserve mango pulp for a long time is what we must consider if we want to develop mango pulp business.

Mango pulp aseptic filling machine

Use the steam jet method to sterilize the bag mouth and the filling room to ensure that the filling room is always in a sterile state. The sterilization, opening, filling and sealing of the aseptic bag mouth are completed in an aseptic environment.


Mango pulp aseptic filling machine workflow:
Manually load the bag to the card position → start switch → steam sterilization → automatic cap removal → automatic metering filling → automatic capping → automatic bag out → conveying out of the workshop → manual packing

mango pulp aseptic filled
After aspetic filling mango pulp

After aseptic filling, the shelf life of mango pulp is as long as one year. It not only extends the shelf life and is convenient for transportation, but also makes it easier for us to realize our mango pulp business plan. We can sell them to local distributors, or supply them to local mango juice production plants and other commercial sales channels, so as to obtain greater commercial profits!

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