Automatic Mango Fruits Washing Waxing Grading Machine

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The mango washing waxing grading machine have lifting, brushing, cleaning, polishing, wax spraying, drying, grading and other parts, that is, the entire process from mango loading to grading and fruit selection is fully automated.

mango washing waxing grading machine
mango washing waxing grading machine

In addition to mangoes, it is also application for washing, waxing, and grading citrus, navel orange, lemon, avocado and other fruits to make the surface of the fruit bright and bright and increase the commercial value of the fruit.

Suitable for processing equipment such as fresh-keeping warehouses, fruit growers, orchards, fruit companies, fruit and vegetable cooperatives, etc.

Mango Processing Technology Parameters

Machine production capacity: 3 tons/hour;
Rated voltage: 220V or 380V (optional);
Power: 3KW;
Dimensions: length 8700 * width 1100 * height 1400 (mm)

Mango Pre Processing Line Advantage:

1. Reasonable design, compact and strong structure, beautiful appearance, light and durable.
2.One machine with multiple functions, wide application range, high sorting efficiency and simple operation.
3. Low power consumption, low noise, no fruit damage, flexible movement and convenient maintenance.

mango washing machine
mango washing machine

Mango washing machine:

The mango keeps moving forward on the running brush. The dust, impurities, and soil that adhere to the mango by friction between the mango and the brush fall off. At the same time, the countless high-pressure sprinklers on the upper part spray water to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency cleaning. The product enters the next process.

mango waxing machine effect
mango waxing machine effect

Mango Waxing Machine

1. Clean the dust and pesticides on the surface of the mango;
2. The waxed mango can effectively inhibit the respiration of the fruit, play a role in preservation, and the shelf life can be extended by 20-30 days;
3. After the mango is waxed, it can also reduce the loss of fruit water and avoid running wind and falling off the scale;
4. After waxing, mangoes can greatly improve the smoothness of the fruit and improve the quality of goods
5. By cleaning mangoes, the spread of pests and bacteria can be reduced, which is conducive to protecting ecological safety and the health of consumers;

mango grading machine
mango grading machine

Mango Grading machine

Through the double spiral rotation, the grading bed drive the rollers to move forward in parallel, and the gap between the rollers is gradually increased, so that the corresponding size of the mango is reached, and the mango falls out of the gap between the rollers. On the fruit conveyor belt, the purpose of fruit selection is completed.

Mango washing waxing grading machine Features

The use of plastic material that meets food standards, and a wave roller design, ensure the grading of fruits of different sizes.

The automatic conveying design ensures that the roller runs smoothly, does not damage the surface of the mango, and can retain the branches and leaves of the mango.

The machine has the functions of frequency conversion speed regulation of fruit loading speed, adjustable cleaning intensity, centralized control operation, automatic temperature control, simple operation, low processing cost, and strong adaptability.

Mango cleaning, waxing and grading belong to the pre-processing process of mangoes. For the processed mangoes, our main follow-up processing is to pack them and then buy them to local supermarkets or fruit shops. The waxed mango or other fruit has a smoother surface and looks more shiny, thereby enhancing its value!!


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