Milk homogenizer can improve the stability and uniformity of milk, extend the shelf life of milk, and enhance the taste of milk. It is one of the necessary equipment for milk homogenization. How does the milk homogenizer work?

Milk Homogenizer

Milk Homogenizer Working Principle:

Homogenization is produced by the coordinated action of three factors:

① When the fat globules impact the homogenous valve core at high speed, they will receive a lot of impact force, causing some of the fat globules to break;

②The emulsion passes through the slits in the homogenization valve at a high speed, and generates huge shearing force on the fat globules, causing some fat globules to break;

③When the milk leaves the homogenization valve at a high speed of 200~300m/s, the pressure drops suddenly, which will separate the gas dissolved in the material liquid and form bubbles, which will cause cavitation, which will cause the fat globules to undergo a very strong self-explosion. Power, mostly broken.

Milk Homogenizer Types

Types of Milk Homogenizer:

Homogenizers are mainly divided into high-pressure homogenizers and fully automatic homogenizers. The latter can realize the remote control function, which is more convenient to use and safer to operate.

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