To know how UHT milk is made, we need to clarify the uht milk meaning.

UHT milk, also known as normal temperature milk, high temperature milk, ultra-high temperature instantaneously sterilized milk, and ultra-high temperature heat-treated milk. UHT is the English abbreviation of ultra-high temperature treated.

How is UHT milk made?In this sterilization mode, the milk is instantly heated to 135° (or above) for 4 seconds. Its purpose is to kill all microorganisms in the milk, including bacteria and spores, so that the packaged products can be stored for a long time at room temperature without spoilage caused by microorganisms.


Uht Milk Benefits:

The most important thing is to use the shelf life of milk is greatly extended, and it can also be stored and transported at room temperature.UHT sterilization method uses high temperature to achieve commercial aseptic standards. This treatment may destroy some heat-labile nutrients such as vitamins in milk, but overall it is still harmless.

UHT vs pasteurized milk:

The first is that the heat sterilization temperature of the product is different;
The second is that the requirements for packaging materials are different;
The third is that the length of the shelf life is different;
Fourth, the storage conditions are different from the temperature;
Fifth, the degree of nutrient destruction and loss is different.

UHT sterilization will not reduce the nutrition of milk. There are many nutrients in milk, but there are four most important ones, namely lysine (an amino acid), calcium, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B12. Although some ingredients lose their activity in the UHT process, it does not reduce the uht milk nutrition.

UHT Milk packaging
UHT Milk packaging

UHT milk where to buy:

Tetra Pak (pillow) packaging (often referred to as paper packaging), sold in boxes in the supermarket without refrigeration.

How long does uht milk last?

The shelf life is 1-6 months,but the instructions on the UHT milk outer packaging shall prevail.

Have you understood how UHT milk is produced? If you have your own farm and want to produce UHT milk, you can increase the milk shelf life and expand your business scope. You are always welcome to leave a message with us online, and we will provide you with a complete set of turnkey projects for UHT milk production lines.

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