Nowadays, it is easy to buy tomato paste/ketchup/sauce in supermarkets and convenience stores. Mosttomato ketchup/sauce taste very good. The most common type of jam is tomato ketchup/sauce/paste. Although tomato ketchup is a common sauce, it can be paired with a variety of foods and is also a very cost-effective one. The ketchup tastes sour, sweet and sour, and it’s so delicious that you can’t live without it when you’re eating french fries. The market demand is large, and tomato paste processing contains a big business. If you have the idea to set up a tomato processing plant, what aspects need to be considered?

Firstly,Market positioning

Before investing, do market research first. Determine market positioning based on input and output. For example, it is necessary to consider whether locally produced tomatoes are suitable for making tomato paste, and the annual output; tomato paste processing and production also need to be subdivided, whether it is to produce tomato paste/pureeketchup/sauce in large packages, or to produce tomato paste sold in the market, or to supply Small package of ketchup for Western fast food; how to open up sales channels, what groups of target customers are, etc. Only by doing sufficient market research can we lay a good foundation for the establishment of a ketchup factory.

Secondly,Factory design

When setting up a tomato processing plant, it is necessary to make a graphic design of the factory area according to the principles of factory design. According to the industrial design of the product combined with the proposed output, a detailed process demonstration of the tomato paste is carried out. On this basis, the material balance, consumables calculation, tomato processing plant manfacturer selection and water, electricity and steam consumption calculation are carried out, and finally the necessary economic analysis is carried out. When building a tomato paste factory, it is necessary to fully consider the development status and development trend of tomato paste, select tomato processing plant from the perspective of energy saving, ensure that the layout of the workshop is reasonable and standardized, and make the entire production process as mechanized and automated as possible. On the basis of completing the design description, the factory floor plan, workshop equipment layout, process flow chart and schematic diagram of main tomato processing plant will be drawn. We have professional engineers, with years of R&D experience, we can provide professional help for new plants.

Last but not least,tomato processing plant manfacturer selection

The tomato paste processing solution is specially developed for the production of tomato paste. The tomatoes are preheated, crushed, separated, concentrated, sterilized and filled in a sterile environment. The whole process is processed in a closed environment to retain the original raw materials. flavor and nutrition.
The tomato paste/ketchup/sauce manufacturing process mainly includes the following aspects:

Tomato cleaning
The tomatoes are transported into the production workshop by hydraulic conveying. The hydraulic conveying can remove the grass, leaves and other sundries mixed into the tomato raw materials, and can also wash away the soil, sand, microorganisms and pesticides attached to the surface of the tomatoes, and then enter the washing machine to strengthen the cleaning. ;

Crushing tomatoes is for better pulping and improving pulping rate. Tomato crushing is divided into hot crushing process and cold crushing process. The crushing method used has a certain relationship with the quality of raw materials and the quality requirements of products;

Preheating to kill the enzyme
Tomatoes need to be preheated before beating. The main purpose is to inhibit the activity of pectinase and prevent the product from separating juice; to soften the broken pulp, which is conducive to beating and reduce the loss of beating, and increase the viscosity of the product; remove the fruit The air in the interstitial space and the juice is conducive to the preservation of vitamins and avoids foaming during heating and concentration;

Pulping and refining
Pulping and refining is one of the important processes in tomato paste processing. The beating and refining process is completed at one time by crushing tomatoes in a refiner. The waste slag rate produced by beating and refining should be controlled at a certain proportion. If the slag is too wet, the loss rate of raw materials will increase and the slagging rate will be low; if the slag is too dry, the seeds will be squeezed by the scraper in the beater. Broken, affecting the flavor and shape of the finished product;

Vacuum concentration
Tomato puree needs to be concentrated nearly six times to make tomato paste. The equipment currently used is still mostly concentrated by vacuum evaporation. The three-effect or four-effect forced circulation tubular evaporator is often used, and the multi-effect forced circulation tubular evaporator is suitable for the evaporation and concentration of materials with relatively viscous and poor fluidity;

High temperature instantaneous sterilization
Rapid sterilization in a short period of time, so that the nutrients of the material are not damaged or lost, and the color of the product does not change;

The filling machine can be customized according to the needs, and can be packaged into various styles according to the design requirements, such as large bag filling, glass bottle filling, etc.

For each tomato processing , we can support suitable product models according to production requirements and process types. This scheme improves the efficiency of tomato paste production, reduces the floor space, and relieves the pressure of initial investment, and itis also suitable for cross-produced with jams such as chili paste and strawberry paste, thereby improving the market competitiveness of enterprises. Customers with related needs, please contact us freely. We will provide you with a full range of services including tomato processing plant design and solutions.

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