Automatic 1T/H Avocado Paste Puree Making Machine

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The avocado paste making machine can processing the core removed pre-cooked and softened avocado into avocado paste or puree with 1T/H capacity.

avocado paste making machine

Avocado Paste Machine Features

▼High pulp yield
▼Stainless steel material
▼Wide range of applications
▼Small size and large capacity

Avocado Paste Making machine Parameter



Equipmenr Power KW


MDJ1-2.5 1~2.5                        4 1450×820×1580
MDJ2-4 2-4                       7.5 1510×1370×1700
MDJ2-7.5 4-7.5                      18.5 1930×1540×1950
avocado paste making machine

Support continuous feeding
Simple operation, easy to clean
Food grade stainless steel material, clean and hygienic

How to Make Avocado Paste

▼Pick ripe avocados, peel them and remove their pits.
▼Preheat the pitted avocado to prevent oxidation and discoloration of the avocado.
▼Pour the softened avocado into the avocado beater for beating
▼Use vacuum concentrating equipment to remove the excess water in the avocado pulp to obtain avocado jam.

industrial pulp pasteurizer
industrial pulp pasteurizer

After you making the avocado paste ,we recomemnd you to equipment with a paste pasteurizer to prlong the avocado paste preserve time and then filling them into bags or bottle.


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