Stainless Steel Broccoli Florets Washing Machine Vegetable Washer

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The broccoli washing machine with 304 food grade stainless steel material,it can washing out the broccoli pesticides,worms ect impurity.It is not only suitable for broccoli ,but also suitable for all kinds of vegetables.


broccoil washing machine
broccoli cleaning machine

Broccoli Cleaning Machine Advanatages

▼Save labor;

▼Clean more thoroughly;

▼Support customization;

▼High degree of automation;

broccoil washing details in our factory
broccoli washing details in our factory

Broccoli Washing Machine Parameter

Broccoli Cleaning Machine Power(KW) Size(mm) Capacity(KG/H) Weight(KG) Roller Size(mm)
GGXM800 1.1 1600*850*800 400 220 800
GGXM1000 1.5 1800*850*800 600 260 1000
GGXM1200 1.5 2000*850*800 800 280 1200
GGXM1500 2.2 2300*850*800 1000 320 1500
GGXM2000 3 2800*850*800 1500 420 2000
GGXM2600 4.37 3100*850*1450 2000 600 2600

Here is our broccoli washing machine youtube testing video in our factory for your reference!!

Broccoli Florets Washing Machine Features

The material is SUS304 stainless steel, the Broccoli washing machine has an exquisite appearance and good structural strength

The Broccoli washing machine have a bubble generating device, which forms the bubble tumble through the strong flow turbine fan to clean the broccoli flexibly;

Spray pipes and nozzles are added to the upper part of the mesh belt, and the high-pressure water pump is used for circulating spray, which effectively suppresses the broccoli from floating;

broccoil washing machine details

We have added a dial device in the tank body, which can continuously move the broccoli to roll forward;

The nozzle is a detachable nozzle, which is easy to clean and prevent clogging. The angle of the nozzle is adjustable, which can clean the broccoli more effectively;

Appropriate amount of medicament can be added for disinfection and fixation;

Floating matter can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment will be discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning;

The purpose of adding ozone generators to remove pesticide residues and sterilize.

mango air drying machine in our factory
air drying machine in our factory

After washing the broccoil ,we also support the broccoli drying machine to fast remove the broccoil surface water with room temperature,it will not damage the broccoli skin and protect the broccoil original color.


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