If you want to start a chili sauce business, you first need a set of chili sauce making equipment, so how much does it cost?

Before understanding the overall cost, we need to clarify the main process of making chili sauce: washing, crushing, preheating, refining, sterilization, and packaging.

chili sauce production line

According to the production process of chili sauce, we need to investment: washing machine, crusher, preheating tube, refiner, sterilizer, packaging machine.

The price of the above-mentioned series of chili sauce production line will be different according to your different processing capacity requirements per hour. In addition to the processing capacity, the quality and specialization of the entire set of equipment also directly affect the final cost of the chili sauce making machine. Our chili sauce making machine has the following advantages:

1. All food-grade stainless steel is used to ensure the food hygiene and safety of the parts in contact with peppers.
2. We can customize it according to the customer’s specific processing volume and provide turnkey projects.
3. The fineness of the chili grinding machine is very high, the chili sauce is more delicate and tastes better!

Chili sauce grinding machine

If you want to invest in a chili sauce making machine, please leave a message with us online, tell us your specific needs, and get a free quote!

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