To make garlic paste, garlic needs to be broken, peeled, washed, sliced, and then put in a garlic paste grinder to grind it into garlic paste of different fineness.

garlic paste processing line
garlic paste processing line

How to Make Garlic Paste in Food Processor?
Garlic seperating machine: firstly divide the garlic;
Garlic Peeling machine: remove the garlic skin after dividing the cloves;
Garlic Washing machine: Wash the peeled garlic;
Garlic Air dryer: remove residual moisture from garlic skin;
Garlic paste grinder: send the air-dried garlic into the sauce grinder for grinding;


(1. Before processing, store the garlic at a temperature of 30-35 degrees for a period of time, which can prevent the garlic paste turns green without affecting the flavor of the garlic
2. This equipment is also suitable for the production of black garlic paste, garlic ginger paste, garlic chili paste, Sichuan garlic paste, Lebanese garlic pasteand other pastes)

How to Make Garlic Paste to Store?
In order to extend the shelf life of garlic paste, it is generally necessary to sterilize the obtained garlic paste first, and then package it with a packaging machine to achieve long-term storage of the garlic sauce. According to your requirements for the storage time of garlic and the scale of your processing, choose different sterilization processes, generally there are different sterilization methods such as pasteurization and plate temperature sterilization.

garlic paste uses
garlic paste uses

Garlic Paste Uses:

  1. It can be matched with all kinds of seafood to remove fishy and flavor;
  2. It can be used as a seasoning for homemade cold dishes;
  3. Garlic paste is applied to the skin, which has the effect of beautifying skin

Now with the continuous improvement of equipment, how to make garlic mash is no longer a problem. But as a professional ginger garlic paste making machine manufacturers, we can provide you with a complete set of garlic sauce production line solutions according to your needs. It can also match the relevant stand-alone machine for you to meet your specific needs for garlic processing,(seperating ,peeling,washing, storage and packaging). For any questions about garlic value-added services, please feel free to contact us! !

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