Industrial Pomegranate Seeds Cleaning Machine

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The pomegrnate seeds cleaning machine can produce vortex and bubbles ,they will clean the pomegranate seeds together. The cleaning effect is good, the cleaning is flexible, and the pomegranate seeds are not harmed. It is a cleaning machine specially designed for the characteristics of pomegranate seeds.

pomegranate washing machine
pomegranate washing machine

Pomegranate Cleaning Machine Features

Reasonable structure:

Swirl and cylinder cleaning, the inside of the cleaning cylinder is semi-circular, and there is no dead angle cleaning;

pomegranate washing machine structure

After a long time application, part of the equipment will become the inside of the container, and the tank time adopts the mesh screen design;
With independent sieve plate, you can take out the sieve plate for easy removal.

pomegranate washing machine internal structure
pomegranate washing machine internal structure

Improve efficiency of impurity removal device:

The equipment adds a sports decontamination device and decontamination notch to remove and decontaminate, and the effect of cleaning the skin on the pomegranate seeds is better, and the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is more humane and reasonable.

pomegranate deseeding machine
pomegranate deseeding machine

Spraying is cleaner:

We add a spray device to the equipment, and a spray device after water is used.

Energy pump cleaning is cleaner:

The equipment uses a vortex pump to roll the pomegranate seeds in the water through a tube, and the continuous rolling enhances the effect of power

System cycle energy saving and environmental protection:

We design an overflow filter device on the tank body,the water will fliter the pomegranate peel through the water pump nozzle and inject into the tank body,by this way to achieve the effect of water saving and cirulation.

pomegranate washing machine working details
pomegranate washing machine working details

Water flow protects fruits and vegetables:

The mixed water flow of pea digs out pomegranate seeds, opens up ways to find a way, saves water sources, and pomegranate seeds feed with water to reduce mechanical damage.

Complete supporting facilities:

Used together, it can realize rapid vibration removal treatment, and no damage to pomegranate seeds while conveying

pomegranate cleaning machine
pomegranate cleaning machine

The vortex pomegranate seeds washing machine combines the advantages of the two major washing methods of the current washing machine: bubble washing + swirl washing machine. The whole machine has reasonable design and good cleaning effect.

pomegranate peeling and washing line
pomegranate peeling and washing line

It is currently the most suitable special cleaning equipment for cleaning pomegranate seeds. If you also have a need for pomegranate peeling machine, we can also design an automated pomegranate pre-processing production line for you.


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