Pomegranate Peeling Machine Skin & Seed Separator

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Pomegranate peeling machine is also known as pomegranate seed separator, pomegranate deseeding machine or pomegranate peeler. The pomegranate peeling machine is very suitable for industrial use to quickly separate pomegranate seeds and pomegranate skins.Pomegranate peeling machine provides quick and effective peeling. The peeling and separation process can ensure the integrity rate of pomegranate as high as 90%, which is essential equipment for pomegranate processing juice, beverages and other related foods.

pomegranate peeling machine
pomegranate peeling machine

Pomegranate Deseeding Machine Structure

This pomegranate deseeding machine is composed of charge-in hopper, upper fruit breaking device, under fruit breaking device, rotating screen, agitating shaft, screw pump,stander, etc.

Pomegranate Peeling Machine
Pomegranate Peeling Machine

Pomegranate Peeling Machine Features

▼High peeling rate;
▼Low breaking rate;
▼Adjustable peeling thickness;
▼Automatic and easy operation;
▼Suitable for the variety of fruits;

Pomegranate seed seperating Machine Parameter

Model GG-1 GG-5
Capacity 1t/h 3-5t/h
 Turn sieve diameter 400mm 400mm
Mesh size 12-18mm
(we can customized Mesh size according to clients detail requirement)
(we can customized Mesh size according to clients detail requirement)
Power 2.2kw 4kw
Weight 750kg 950kg
Dimension 1.5*0.6*1.5m 1.8*0.8*2.3m

Pomegranate is a super food that has many benefits for blood vessel, heart and skin health. It is rich in red antioxidant pigments, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, potassium and copper.

However, removing the peel and seeds of pomegranate is a arduous task and requires pomegranate processing equipment. Our pomegranate peeling and seeding machine is specially developed for industrial use, designed to peel the whole pomegranate and separate its seeds easily and efficiently.

Here are oue pomegranate peeling machine video testing in our factory for your reference!!

How To Peel And Separate Pomegranate?

1.The pomegranate enters the upper crushing device from the feed hopper, and the whole pomegranate is squeezed and cut into several small pieces after the relative squeezing of the crushing roller and the sharp pressure of the blade on the roller;
2.The crushing roller of the upper crushing device is made of stainless steel, and the gap between the two rollers can be adjusted to 20~30mm;
3.Then enter the lower crushing device for the second crushing. The lower crushing roller is made of non-toxic and highly elastic rubber, which will cause less damage to the pomegranate seeds. The gap between the two rollers can be adjusted by 10-20mm;
4.The pomegranate seeds and part of the juice leak out from the sieve, and enter the next process through the discharge port (transported to the juicer or other by the screw pump) and the pomegranate peel is discharged from the tail of the equipment.

Pomegranate Peeling Machine Advantages

▼Automatic processing makes the pomegranate peeling machine easy to operate.
▼The pomegranate peeling rate is high, the pulp rate is over 97%, and the peeling rate is low, less than 1%.
▼It has a good peeling and separation effect on passion fruit, lemon and other fruits, especially pomegranate and grape.
▼The whole pomegranate peeling machine material is stainless steel except for the driving part, which is hygienic and durable.


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