Automatic NFC Pomegranate Juice Processing Plant In Iran


The pomegranate juice processing plant carries out processing such as peeling, squeezing, enzymatic hydrolysis, clarification, coarse filtration, and ultrafiltration to make pomegranate juice.

pomegranate peeling line
pomegranate processing line

Aiming at the peculiarities of pomegranate, our product engineers have developed a complete set of pomegranate seed extractor and juice extraction production line, with a juice yield of more than 40%. The pomegranate produced is original and has good health functions.

Advantage Of Pomegranate Juice Production Line

The automatic pomegranate seed extractor imitates the method of manual peeling, you can automaticcontrol the whole process. It can achieve the completely separate of the pomegranate seeds and the pomegranate skin. The pomegranate seeds are preserved intact, without damage, you can wash them with water.

pomegranate peeling machine
pomegranate peeling machine

It succesefully solve the previous embarrassing situation that the pomegranate peeling machine cannot completely separate the pomegranate seeds and the pomegranate skin.The pomegranate seeds stick to the bitter juice on the pomegranate skin,the pomegranate seeds break and the juice is seriously lost.It fills the gap in the pretreatment equipment for pomegranate juice processing equipment in the market.

You can move the combined equipment to the pomegranate base for freshly harvested and squeezed juice. The processed NFC freshly squeezed pomegranate juice has no bitterness and astringency, and truly achieves the original taste of pomegranate juice, which will surely set off a consumption climax for freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.


NFC Pomegranate Juice Package

The combined equipment adopts a three-stage sterilization method, aseptic filling machine and BIB bag-in-box dispenser for low-temperature filling of NFC fresh juice, aseptic packaging, maximum retention of the original fruit’s nutrients, and no preservatives.Finally you can achieve the storage and transportation of pomegranate juice at room temperature.

You can store the NFC juice products for 12 months at room temperature if you choose BIB box-in-bag.If you put the 200 kg of freshly squeezed juice in aluminum foil sterile bags,and pacakge them in large iron drums for external use,you can store them at room temperature for 18 months.

Technical Parameter Of Pomegranate Juice Processing Plant

Processing capacity:2.5T/h,
Water :1T/h,
Area: Length 19 meters X width 2.2 X height 8 meters

Process flow of pomegranate NFC juice production line:

Pomegranate manual head-cutting → raw fruit collection → conveying and cleaning → brushing fruit → flat belt sorting machine → surfing fruit washing → mechanical peeling → seed and skin residue sorting → conveying → a pomegranate juice extraction → conveyor → (add pectinase) → Enzymolysis tank (with agitator) → screw pump conveying → two-stage juice extraction → juice collection box (one-stage juice extraction and two-stage juice extraction and juice mixing) → stainless steel pump → vibrating screen (coarse filtration) → temporary storage tank → butterfly type Centrifuge → 3 blending tanks (with agitator) → Stainless steel pump → Preheating tank → Enzyme inactivation tank → Sanitary pump → Intermediate tank → Sterilization juice pump → Bacterization tank (2) → Balance tank → UHT tank → 2L BIB aseptic bag filling→cooling→manually put into the carton (outer packaging)→printing→NFC juice direct drink products into the warehouse.

The promotion and use of this machine will greatly promote the production of pomegranate juice and the development of the pomegranate juice processing industry, play a great role in helping the farmers in the pomegranate production area get rid of poverty and become rich, and finally can provide consumers with a cup of healthy and delicious pomegranate juice without bitterness and astringency.


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